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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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So it's Easter! Yay!

What better way to celebrate than a member feature?

In fact, or feature is :iconethanredotter:

Here is a little bit about him.

"I'm a college student from Upstate New York who's currently in the process of writing a series that I'm hoping will become something beloved. I've posted what's done on here, so if any of you find Native American cultures, mythologies, etc. to be fascinating, feel free to take a look."

What about his writing? Let's see what's he got.

Tribes of Anowara: Prologue
It was a misty autumn afternoon, nearly evening. The sea sat calm, and the wind blew silently, unfeelable. The dew clung to the needles of the trees, Cypress, Cedar, Pine. Kenéil sat upon a rock, on a white beach, looking out to sea, looking for signs of his quarry: Harbor seals. He too, felt the droplets embrace on his fur, but he did not mind, his kind loved the water. His kind were the Kayéil Kushtaka, or Peaceful Land Otter People, in their tongue.
The Kayéil Kushtaka were a relatively new race in Anowara, only existing for the last millennia. Physically, they were similar to River Otters, only they had opposable thumbs, a two legged stance, slightly shorter more human looking torsos, and limbs that were about twice as long as their four legged brethren, as well as Human height. They were slender, but quite muscular, with small shoulders and necks the width of their relatively small heads, to add to their swiftness underwater. Their people did not have boats for this
Tribes of Anowara RPG classesArtificer
Artificers are craftsman and brewers who create astonishing contraptions of war. Their arsenal consists of crossbows, traps, volatile chemicals, and weapons that only they the crafter could wield properly. They are rare among humans, but the diminutive Nirumbee are the forefathers of the craft, and hold Artificers to the highest honor.
Descended are individuals from powerful bloodlines of magic. They have much energy flowing through their bodies, and meditate to access it. When they access it, they have the ability to sire lightning from their fingertips, push enemies with extreme force, and even float. Races such as Puckwudgies, and Wiklatmu'j, often naturally have bloodlines of this nature. Human tribes however, must have bloodlines from intermarriage with shapeshifting thunderbirds.
Priests are devotees of powerful deities. Priests have knowledge of rituals and special prayers to invoke their gods power, and turn the tide of battle. Priests are vastly outn
The Last of Us: TunnelsThin wisps of light came down on them as they walked out of the abandoned tunnel. They soon broke through the darkness, and into the green and rust. Above them was an elevated train track, brown with rust, with veins of vines streaming down to the ground. It went over a long street that went left and right of them as far as they could see. Across the street was a park that was now more of a young forest with sparse trees. Some big, some small. There were deer grazing in the meadows, and otters playing on the banks of the streams. The street was cracked, with grass growing within it. It was surprisingly devoid of any dead cars, there were only a few scattered about. There was a hot dog stand next to them with an old skeleton lying down next to it, with a rotten server’s hat on his head. The buildings were only a few stories tall here and made off bricks, but off in the distance were skyscrapers that fully lived up to their name.
Just to their left was an old deli called Streib and
Red Dead Redemption: Jack's Story part 1Jack Marston sat on the left side of the train car, gazing out to the mountains, which did not go above the tree line. He was headed north, as far as the locomotive could take him, it was to reach it’s journey’s end at Boise, but Jack’s destination was far from there.
Jack wore a beige jacket over a plain white shirt, with a faded red neckerchief around his neck, and dark pants. On his head was the same hat that his father wore; black felt, light center crease cattleman style, with a feather on the front left side. In his belt holster sat a simple Colt Single Action Army, well favored amongst just about every man on the frontier, even with the onset of semi automatic pistols. His was chambered for .45 Colt, stronger than his father’s. He had other weapons, but they were stored in his luggage, among them were a Winchester rifle, a Rolling Block Remington with a long telescope on top, a double barrel shotgun, and a Sharps rifle chambered for 50-90.
Jack had taken

Alright, so we've got some works here: some short stories, some Red Dead Redemption, some Otters, sound like a friday night to me. Llamas, watches, favs, and points are all encouraged to be thrown his way.

I hope you guys stop by his page, and I also hope you have an awesome Easter!
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