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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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Hey, check it's another feature. Who is being featured today?

Well, today our feature is :iconaranyaversarn:

And I interviewed her briefly, and here is one thing she's like people to know about her:

"It's nearly half an hour after 2 AM here right now, and I'm finding it very hard to think, but if there is one thing above all other things that I want people to know about me, it's that I don't waste time with telling them things I don't mean. Praise and criticism and opinions are honest."

Now, let's check out some of her works.

Debts and FavorsIn the shadowy spaces of the Nether, the dreadlord stood. Pride and satisfaction seemed to roll like heavy smoke from his form, as he watched chaotic colors dance in the palm of his open, outstretched hand. By contrast, the forms and shapes that he observed in them were quite specific - a mortal. A woman. One who had been his adversary, and was now indebted to be his asset.
Vethoreas smirked and his eyes glittered, remembering how it had played out so perfectly.
A worthy adversary she had been. A couple of his brothers had already fallen to her before he even knew of her, a sin'dorei woman who had triumphed and fed on the essence of nathrezim. But through the foolish actions of one of his own kind, she had been reduced from his opponent to his pawn. A cost she willingly took upon herself to save the life of another.
"A favor for a favor..." The arcanist swallowed hard. Her voice and expression were calm, determined, and resolute. "I swear."
He watc
Informed OpinionsThe hours were waning into the cooler parts of the day. The gentle autumn temperatures seemed to contrast, in a way, with the warm light of the bold, golden colors that were beginning to set the western sky aflame. The sun stretched its impotently burning touch over the elves' gilded kingdom of eternal song and efflorescence, and in the courtyard between the Arcane Academy and the Temple of the Sun, it gleamed on the heads of two pointy-eared figures, who sat looking like femininely personified contrasts of night and day themselves.
One wore the dark garb of a warlock, her silvery tresses falling in elegant waves around her shoulders, while the taller one's sleek black mane brushed lightly over the threads of her mage-robes and fell a little to one side with the tilt of her head.
"How long have you had this?" Shad'ara asked. Her fair, whiskery eyebrows twitched with intrigue as she regarded the crystalline object hovering in the empty space above the open palms of her friend's hands, s
Being CarelessThe twisting skies of the Netherstorm shifted and surged with magic and chaos. Ley-lines coursed across the atmosphere in vivid display. Flashes of ether-lightning rent the air. The nether-winds drifted over the broken, wasted landscape. Chunks of what had once been a whole and healthy world floated, sailed, and crashed into one another and around each other.
And one mere mortal fancied making this her playground.
A running leap off the edge of a floating "island" sent arcanist Aranya Ver'Sarn freefalling through space, whooping and screaming like an excited girl. Air rushed past her face, whistling by her long, pointed ears. Her spine tingled fiercely, her every nerve was on edge, every muscle tense with anticipation. She wasn't aware of her breath - was she holding it, or had she lost it? Her eyes never left her target. The distance flew by as she dropped, and in the last instant, before the last second that would have seen her falling forever into nothingness, she
We Do What We Must"It's not over, Sylvanas. Not yet," growled Lord Darius Crowley of Gilneas. His shoulders were set, his arms moved in a gesture of finality as he spoke. To his immediate right, louring in the face of everything, stood Ivar Bloodfang, leader of the feral worgen pack who had agreed to join the efforts of the Gilneas Liberation Front and the Alliance. To his front, and glaring impassively back at him and Ivar, were the hard eyes of orcs, the glowing eyes of elves (living and undead), and the unreadable faces of the dread val'kyr. The Horde's worst. Darius' fingers curled and gripped the bladed, claw-like fist-weapons that he was armed with.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, former high elf ranger-general, now queen of the undead nation of the Forsaken, leaned slightly forward atop her skeletal warhorse, her eerily burning garnet eyes boring into Darius as she spoke in what sounded like an accusing or a reprimanding tone, "You frivolously throw away the lives of your people while your own king sit

So like she said, some critiques is what she'd really like. And I'd say that that is the best thing you could give to any writer. And a llama badge. But mostly critiques.

Anyway, hope to see you guys next week!
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