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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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It's time for another feature, ya'll.

I don't know why I said "ya'll" I never say that. But I did for this one feature.

Moving on.

Today's feature is a bit late, but it's still a good one. The feature today is: :iconblueredor:

Here is a bit about him:

"well...tell them, i'm a 26 years old from Viña del Mar Chile!, student about to finish my career of Informatic and Computing Enginnering.

The videogames are my passion, first at all: my inspiration is between Warcraft, Movies and series
I really love Warcraft, because it have a lot of history, their lore is too exquisite and big, a lot of things to tell.
I'm currently playing in a private server Cataclysm 4.3.4 on Atlantis
My character is a draenei with the name of Bluedragon (Matheredor in draenei...yeah, is the same from the prologue :o)
maybe you'll found some issues with the grammar and some words on some chapters, but the real life don't leave me to fix that lol...and yeah, google traslator + wordrefference isn't enough to make a perfect english (so i tried to mix USA and England english)

my favorite food is scalope with potato purée, my favorite music genre is metal (focusing in Power, symphonic and epic), i love fantasy, adventure and sci-fi movies. I'm just being Uncle at 2 month ago!, i feel old lol.
my hobbies are playing videogames like lol, diablo II, wow (duh xd), mass effect, dragon age, DooM, Quake, old final fantasy, UT99 and Sims III (when i'm REALLY boring xd).
I'm a true friendly person, sometimes i can give advices, i feel worry to my friends when they had some bad situation and i try to cheer them, i'm too shy on real life."

Quite a description, I'll say. Sounds like a pretty cool guy.

Let's look at some of his work!

Chapter I: The Light Of The Necklace
Dreams, visions, predictions...nightmares. A yellow soul on human form lives a calm dream in a odd place. The scene are on a sunny day with a field of green grass, suddenly a strong flash appear, rise his hand to cover his face from the light, even don't has eyes. Then, the light take a woman form, but not like never saw before. The light has horns in form of a slightly resting S aiming to the horizon, a short and gentle tail, and small thin hoofs. Feel her warm, peaceful and beautiful. Is like she know him from ever, but he doesn't know her.
"Please", the light said with sadness, "help me, before is too late".
Try to answer her, but notice it don't have mouth, so he can't talk. Suddenly a strong roar sound, that no one can't recognize it so easily...
"(A lion roar?)", the soul doubted.
A white lion with wings appear roaring from the sky and on a second, the animal transforms on a potent beam of light, aiming to the ground, so close to the soul. Try to stay away, b
PrologoEste prólogo se utilizo con la base del capítulo XXVI de la novela Beyond The Dark Portal
Las crónicas de Azeroth
Segunda Guerra
Hellfire Peninsula
Ocho años después de la primera guerra (Año 600 según el calendario del rey)

La escena alrededor del Portal Oscuro es un caos total. Turalyon había dicho a sus tropas la verdad: Khadgar necesitaría defensa. Sólo que no se había dado cuenta de lo mucho que él y sus amigos podría defender al mago. Danath, Khadgar, Kurdran, y otros habían llegado antes que ellos y estaban luchando ferozmente su camino hacia el portal.
Desde el grupo ofensivo hay algunos que se destacan, los hombres usan la armadura de los soldados rasos y las mujeres usan las túnicas blancas de los clérigos con un tabardo a representar:
Teniente Farax Lionheart, 24 años guerrero humano con cabello castaño y cola de caballo, ojos verdes, armado con
The Chronicles Of Azeroth - PrologueThis Prologue use a base from the chapter XXVI of the novel Beyond the Dark Portal
The Chronicles Of Azeroth
Second War
Hellfire Peninsula
Eight Years after the First War (year 600 by the King´s Calendar)

The scene around the Dark Portal was utter chaos. Turalyon had told his troops the unvarnished truth: Khadgar would need defending. He just hadn't realized how much he and his friends would be defend the wizard. Danath, Khadgar, Kurdran, and several others had arrived before them and were fiercely fighting their way to the portal.
From the offensive group there someone where highlights, the mens use the armor of the footmen and the womens use the white robes of the cleric with a tabard showing where they from:
Lieutenant Farax Lionheart, human, 24 years old warrior with brown ponytail hair, green eyes, armed with a big red axe and the Stromgarde tabard.
Lieutenant Victorius Eagleheart, human, 25 years old paladin with black medium hair, black
Chapter II: The First Day in The Waterfall
One day after
Elwynn Forest
21 years after The First War (Year 613 by the King's Calendar)

On the sky of a waterfall in the north of Northshire, it sight a red dragon mounted by a Quel'dorei (High elf on common speech) and a 14 years old young human with mid-long brown hair, and green eyes. It's dressed with a red tunic, brown silk shoes and armed with a long wooden staff.
The dragon touch down a side of the waterfall, there is a abandoned blue house with a dry garden next to a deep forest. The young dismount from the dragon and step on the earth without problem, the elf throw a red book with a border of red gems and a sign of dragon, the young receive it, waves to him and the highelf responds with a farewell. The dragon set forth on fly and abandon the place. After a long mind training and practise the two first basic spells like Fireball and Fireblast, read the book, and a new spell caught his attention.
“hmm”, the mage said while their fingers follows t

Alright, so he's got a neat story going on. Half of his work is in english, and the other is in spanish. So whether you're spanish or your english (or both?) then you'll probably get a kick out of what he writes. Stop by, drop a llama, a watch, a fav, anything to help!

I'll see you guys again next week for another feature. Huzzah!
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