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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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You know what? Let's go ahead and do another feature.

Today, we got :iconaart-ish:

Now let's see what he had to say:

" I'm not sure what I would want people to know about me. In a lot of ways I'm not too interesting haha. I guess maybe I spend a lot of time wishing others could see things from my perspective, and art is my channel for offering my views of the world and exploring/developing my own ideas about life. I struggle some with depression, and in some ways I feel like I'm limited in terms of how involved I can be with others because of that. But I think it's also something that's made me more empathetic, and so I try to incorporate those values in my work as well."

So that's a lot to say. Now let's check out some of his short stories.

Is There Anyone Out There?   Mankind has long romanticized the stars.
   Glowing wonders, a reminder of the immensity of life and the universe. They're what are supposed to give us hope, the lights from afar drawing us up toward a distant shore. They're the light that guides us, pointing us home, and all such empty caloried sentiment.
   But to me, they're like everything else in life.
   They're beautiful from afar.
   They're wonderful when you make them what you want them to be.
   But when you consider what they truly are, they're as depressing as anything in the universe.
   Knowledge is loneliness.
   The closer we get to the truth that we all think we're looking for, the lonelier and lonelier life becomes.
   Consider the fact that the cluster of stars that you gaze upon in the night represents lightyears upon lightyears of dead, empty space.
   Distances so impossible to span that even the light they shed
The Girl and the Demon    Once there was a girl who had a demon.
    Or perhaps, once there was a demon who had a girl.
    Often, the lines of ownership became blurred for the girl, or the demon, depending upon whichever party presently felt in control at any given time.
    The demon lurked deep within her some days, slumbering inside a little black shell next to her heart, or inside the deepest recesses of her mind, or else some place so deep that she could not even pinpoint its location.
    On these days, she was immune to the beast's poison, and so great was her relief from its symptoms that she saw the world as an absolutely breathtaking and beautiful place. People were good. Life was good. And even when people and life were not good, she was still good, and she felt as though anything that was not purely and wholly good, she could make good in her goodness.
    The world bowed to the girl when the demon was away, and she needed nothing more
One Thousand Days       One thousand days lost at sea.
       One thousand days spent bandied about by the indifferent surge of the tides, steering by the billion-year-old light of long worn-out stars.
       One thousand days spent without another living soul.
       One thousand days, or maybe more. Probably more.
        I am driven forward by that most malicious of fallacies, the sheer lie of legacy. Braver men than I have perished in their quest for the unattainable. Seeking immortality, whether real or mythical, (though either conception of immortality is pure myth in itself,) they reach for that which they know can never truly be theirs. For that which, perhaps, does not even exist. Better men. Smarter men. Stronger men.
       But we feel it in our hearts.
       We seek it because we know that it must be real, or rather, because we simply cannot accept the
Walt's Machine1
      The photographs that littered his fake wooden desk were of lost potential. Up from the dim spotlight of the desk lamp stared faces that had long since vanished from his life, or were in the process of doing so now. No replacements had arisen to fill their now-empty roles, as people are irreplaceable.
      Though perhaps the saddest absence reflected by these harrowing afterimages was his own. No child survives the leap into adulthood with his soul intact; some great and essential part of him has to die for him to be able to function in the adult world. The only difference is that this man, or boy, had recognized this crumbling shard of his being as vital and, at the expense of his metamorphosis into adulthood, tried to retain it at all costs.
      Often, he wondered what things would be like if he had been born under different circumstances, around different people, or with a different personality, or with money. What great things

So that's the story behind one of our writers. He's also a photographer, so that's neat. Stop by, drop a llama, give a watch, give something! Show some support. Hope you enjoy his work!

In the words of some Austrian guy from Hollywood, I'll be back.
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