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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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:bulletred: "18+ literature" is applied to any sexual, erotic and/or extremely violent content.

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:iconvonstudios: ~
Hobbyist Artist as specified. I do photography, painting, writing, and design. Sometimes cosplay.
Student aspiring to become a veterinarian.
There's not much more to me haha.
Moving HeartsThere was never much to tell when it came to me. So many people treated me like a mystery, and I had no idea why. I don’t think adolescents understand the concept of “difference” too well.
As I said, there was never much to tell. I was paper-thin, and for the most part, skin-deep. But there was one thing that was notable. I think it was, at least.
I could move things without touching them. You know, like telekinesis. It was nothing impressive, and it always took a little bit of effort that I usually found annoying. I’m a lazy person. Or at least, I think I am.
I often did so in class. Just small things, like moving the board eraser a few millimeters, or another person’s chair. I was never much ambitious with my “talent”.
One day, I decided to tell someone about it. He was my friend. Or at least, I think he was. We knew each other because our mothers also did. We often sat together at each other’s houses doing nothing, and at school, we av

:iconjunko-eno: ~
I'm a homestuck nerd.
'Nuff said.
In all seriousness though, I do love Homestuck.
And Dangan Ronpa.
Junko is my life.
And, uh.. reading, I guess?
I dunno!
This is hard. o3o
:thumb493585976: Mistakes.I can see it in my head.
W-when you first learned how to ride your bike.
And you fell.
Remember, you fell, oh god, you fell.
I fixed up your cuts, kissed away the bruises.
And you got right back on the seat and pedalled away again, remember?
No, It wouldn’t happen then.
Everything would have been perfect.
My little boy growing into a man.
And, and I knew it wouldn’t have happened when I first taught you to drive.
And you accidently hit that other car, remember?
And, you got so embarrassed, you tried to lie to get out of it.
And I told you that a man always admits to his mistakes.
Please, god, remember…
I rubbed my hand against your hair.
I wasn’t mad.
How… how could I have been?
My precious little boy…
No, No, it wouldn’t happen then.
And, I even remember when I watched you walk across the stage.
You were holding up that diploma like a torch.
Beaming that beautiful smile of yours…
And I gave you that hug.
In front of all your friends.
A girl and her rose.He ran.
He ran, as everyone does, for so many reasons.
He was trying to get away.
He was running away from the expectations he had to live up to.  
But most importantly?
He was running to catch her.
And so, he ran.
She was always had been, and always will be out of his reach.
She had surpassed him in every way, and he was always left behind, staring at her back.
And still, he ran.
I suppose now would be an appropriate time to give backstory about these two.
Older sister and younger brother.
The two of them had grown up in a good home.
They had good parents, good friends, a good education.
And there ends the positivity of their lives.  
Their parents died when he was going through junior school.
Another child died.
But he wasn’t important.
She was through college when they died.
It didn’t matter to her.
They never helped her anyway.
Never had enough money to give, so she could never be who she wanted to be.
She could never live out her dream.
She managed to get the

:iconjikudo: ~ BlameDesire is a direct reflection
of your current form of affection,
Circumstance, merely a luxury
of your active state of mentality,
Perspective a cheap illusion
of a clearly obvious delusion,
and reason lost in a familiar place
of ecstasy and state of grace.
I'm skeptical and cautious to take a step
Cause with each one I give, I have less to bet
In this game of Russian roulette I often fake
Exactly how much of my soul is at stake
So colder and colder I'll get
Till I have but a shell of a soul left to bet
But for now, this I must say
That you should rather stay away
For my heart would be easy to break
And waste all the pain it took this shell to create
I know quite well that I will never be the same
Do I have you to thank, or rather to blame?
Die Laaste Huur'n Enkele hartklop, my asem kom en gaan stadiger met elke uur
Die lewe word uit gesyfer, versteen om te bly, vir altyd, hier
Vlenters lê die stukke, vermong  in swart en wit in die skadu van die muur
En ek wonder hoe lank die oomblik van my lewe nog sal duur
Die lewe is nou 'n enkele kool nog aan die gang in gisteraand se vuur,
maar dit flikker en verduister stadig terwyl ek wonder waarheen die sterre my sal stuur
Tyd staan nader, ek hoor my hart verkrimmel, kraak soos ń skedel van ń dier
in die kaake van 'n monster soos die tyd uit loop van die lewe wat ek huur

:iconmick9330: ~ Well I like to write, I hang out with my friends, I watch anime, I do pretty well in school, and I workout, I guess a typical teenager.
Mini-Adventures IntroOK so I decided after reading so many shrinking adventures/pet(more like slave) stories on Deviantart to make my own but, I';s not going to be all about sex, and servitude but more about some randomness that me and my friends would pull off when we are tiny.
Ok so first off let me say this, this story has no resemblance to real life, and that this goes against natural laws of science for some parts. So don't bother saying anything regarding that but enjoy.
()=after incident
Weight: 190lbs (3.34bs)
Height: 6'(6")
My best friend since 3rd grade I hangout with him a lot. He's intelligent, fun, and very adaptive to certain situations.
Weight: 180lbs (3.2lbs)
Height: 5'10-11"(5.6")
I've known him for 1 1/2 years, he is also on the heavier side being. He used to play football, and he's cool to hangout with. He's is one of the most unfit in terms of Cardio, just like me.
Weight: 125lbs (2.5lbs)
Height: 5'6" (5")
Kevin I call him, "Crack Man," because of his ridiculous spe

:iconcharlottemetalmutant: ~
Hey, I'm CharlotteMetalMutant. I'm the girl who does many things. I like to draw, write, and role play with anyone willing.
Moments With the Legion- Arm Wrestling "Hey, Reiner!"
 The blonde looked up from his meal, seeing you trying to gain his attention by waving your hand,"Hey, Stickbug! What's up?" He said, smiling cheekily.
 You huffed and sat down in front of him,"I told you to stop that! Anyways," You leaned on the table, smiling widely,"You wanna arm wrestle?"
 He raised an eyebrow at you,"Well sure, but, I don't think that's a good game for a girl with your type of arms." He pointed out, picking up one of your wrists in his larger hand.
 You frowned and pulled away,"No, no, no, not that kind!" You smirked at his confused expression,"I meant reverse arm wrestling."
 His befuddled form watched you closely,"Yep! But as I said, it's reversed. So not like this," You put your elbow on the table, palm facing the side,"It's like this." Your hand clenched into a fist, the knuckles facing Reiner,"Now, the object of the game is to not let me pull your hand down, okay?" You asked, looking him dead in

:iconcareyanne75: ~ I live in Florida where I have moved back and forth from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic coast several times. I have been writing since I was 13 years old and it has served as my therapy and my outlet for so many feelings that couldn't be expressed at the time. Writing has healed me many times from many wounds and continues to do so. I also have a long time love affair with the piano.
For KingThe intensity of this man who consumes me,
His depth... his power,
We are bound within twilights hour
His soft thunder reaches deep into me
As his gentle eyes become all I can see
Slowly we gravitate toward ecstasy... 
His touch... his skin...
Tears flow i"m falling in,
Hot rain drops mixed with chilling wind
Drove me to birth and back again!
Passion seers through our bodies like a razors edge!
My heart is pounding as I jump from this ledge.
I fell in love with royalty sent from above
I feel my body shake, my mind race, and my spirit ache
As I listen to my heart sing...
                   Precious lover, will you be my King?
survivedSo you beat the odds
escaped the statistics
 lived on when no one expected
So you fought the good fight
And to everyones surprise
You survived!
So what now?
Reality is...
The cost of being 1% is life imprisonment
To Be "special" is to be tormented
Now that the race has been run
The battle fought and won.
There is half a life of heavy sorrow and debt
Not a medal not a prize
Just night terror, disabled relationships, anxiety and lost potential on the rise
The constant fear of not feeling
The threat of whats been broken never to be fixed
So YAY survival
Hooray you lived!
Now go add value to the gift you were given
Quietly and alone I tremble as fear takes hold
Images and acts come raging to the moment of my very next breath
If this is my future, please take it back
No one ever thinks of what happens to the survivor after surviving
What is left of a 1%?
Maybe there is a reason not many make it through
Maybe its better to disappear in the numerical record of how many fall. 
Pure SeductionAllow me a sweet morsel of your time
To remove the static numb
Of internet speed.
I will give you in return
The slow, rhythmic, dance
Of a lovers need.
Breathing hot life
Into your untapped dream
Let me drench you
In connected release
Leaving you spent
In ardent steam.
More Journal Entries










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