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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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:iconsarianaj: ~
Small story writer. I write short stories and fan-fiction with my own unique twist. I am also a photographer of plants and animals, if the animals stand still long enough.
NordicsxReader - Finding AvalonA/N:
Okay, for those of you unfamiliar with the myths of King Arthur, Avalon is supposed to be where Arthur's soul went after his death, from which he will be resurrected when he is needed once again. If you go by Stargate, its place that the Ancients ascend to. Same difference really, it's the area for souls of wizards, witches and great and noble people through history to collect where they are safe. (from what I know of the myths)
Now, the Reader is the personification of Avalon, an island that sits in the North Sea between England and Norway (for the purpose of the fic)as they are two magical powerbases in the Hetalia world.For the fic, it's home to witches an wizards from all over the world that haven't always died to get there, but some have been resurrected on the island.
Any questions/issues? Leave a comment if so. Other than that, enjoy the story.
You manoeuvred through the crowds that were making their way towards the crashed plane,
Sherlock Girl - Best BirthdaySophia yawned, glaring at her alarm to make it stop. She couldn't even remember why she'd set it in the first place, it was the middle if the Easter holidays. As if hit by lightning, Sophia shot out of bed and turned her alarm off, having remembered why she set.
So she didn't sleep too late on her birthday.
Normally she would just lie there, possibly just get a decent lie in to make sure she spent the least time with her father that was humanly possible on the one day she could celebrate something. This year was different though, because this year she was lucky to make it to her birthday, but being pushed off the top of a building hadn't helped that.
"Happy Birthday!" Eve exclaimed, pushing Sophia's bedroom door open. The teen, which she could now be classed as because it was her thirteenth birthday, turned to her friend with a huge grin.
Eve handed the gift over and Sophia sat back on her bed, Eve dropping down beside her. Swiftly pulling the purple wrapping paper off, Sophia found a
Doctor Who short storyThe Doctor's niece
The Doctor was thrown against the control panel as the TARDIS burst into life.
"Where are you taking me?! I can't do this anymore, I can't find anyone else in case I lose them! Leave me where I was!" he shouted at the ceiling, but the TARDIS continued on it's path.
The Doctor started flipping switches and pulling levers to stop, but they flipped themselves back into position. The Time Lord sat back in his seat and returned to sulking, looking at the bronze Walls around him as the TARDIS landed with a shudder. It wasn't long before he grabbed his coat and walked out of the TARDIS doors, his curiosity finally getting the better of him, finding himself surrounded by oddly shaped houses.
"Why has she brought me here?" he asked himself as he closed the door. He stopped, leaning against the door as he closed his eyes and listened.
"That's why" he muttered to himself, "A Time Lord distress signal, she picked it up when I was occupied thinking about everything else, brought

:iconkiwiootori: ~
I am a writer, looking for ideas and things to sound poetic about~
To YouTo the girl I saw
With the sad, sad eyes.
To the boy I met
Who wasn't allowed to cry.
To the man I saw
Who was falsely accused.
To the woman I met
Who was badly abused.
This is my ode to you
For you live on despite it.
I'm so proud of you
For you can still fight it.
The world is against you,
But it's not your fault.
It's just the way 
This world was taught.
So live on, live on,
Don't you give up here.
It gets better later,
The light is near.
I believe in you,
I know you can make it.
I'll reach out my hand,
If you need it, just take it.
You're special, 
You're important,
You're not invisible,
You exist, 
And you'll be fine.
AddictedI'm addicted 
To his
Sweet smile
And his
Bright laugh.
I'm addicted
To his
Rough hands
And his
Sudden kisses.
I'm addicted
To his
Strong arms
And his
Bad jokes.
I'm addicted
To his
Stubborn will
And his
Dark eyes.
I'm addicted
To him.
I Fell AsleepI fell asleep
In the arms of the enemy.
My worst mistake,
As I let his words get to me.
I left my life
In the hands of a killer.
I trusted my blood
To a man who's a murderer.
I closed my eyes
As he lulled me away.
I loosened my grip
As he began to sway.
I fell asleep
In the arms of the enemy.
I lost my life,
but I lost my life willingly.

:iconshadowkitty723: ~ I am awesome. End of story. Good talk.
LI looked up your picture online the other day.
I don’t know why I did it
I guess I just wanted to feel that connection
If only through a computer screen.
So I sat down, and
For the first time in over a year
Worked up the courage to type in your name.
And I remembered.
God, how much I remembered.
I felt it
You know.
What I wanted to feel.
But as I sat there
My finger hovering over that little red x
Never quite pushing hard enough to take you away from me
I remembered you
And what you did to me.
Not just me.
To all of us.
I remember
The last time we ever said goodbye
I stood there
Alone on the sidewalk
And I watched you walk out of that building
Towards your car.
You didn’t even notice me
Until I called your name
And you turned
And almost smiled.
And then you said it.
“See you next year.”
Like I hadn’t told you
Like you didn’t know.
And I stood there
Feeling like an idiot
And said “No
You won’t.”
But you shrugg
AbusedI saw you again today, for the first time in a year.
You didn’t see me.  You wouldn’t have.
I stared at your face from safe behind the glass of my computer screen.
I tried not to cry.  It barely succeeded.
Is it wrong, my loving you, even though I stand here cursing your name?
You hurt me.
But I love you still.
Now I finally understand what it is to be abused.

:iconbooksmart16: ~ Gossip and whispersMurmuring, murmuring still
Whispering those whispers behind my ear
What the hell is wrong with you, thinking I won't hear?!
Do you really think me stupid?
Do you fully believe I'm deaf to everything going on?
Well honey, let me pull up a chair and prove you wrong.
Take a seat and have some tea while my eyes narrow in suspicion while you sip.
Pandora has opened her box long ago,
but locked up Hope if you recall.
She never got off of her lazy behind to retrieve the released evils so it seemed.
That crafted fool makes me want to laugh as my hands close around her pale neck.
Good for causing trouble with one hand and cooking breakfast with the other.
Seriously, it's all because of her we even have gossip and the other accomplices in the first place as the myth goes, right?
And that's another thing, karma can catch up to you quicker than you think.
So quit assuming that you're so sly and slick like some crafty fox!
Quit blaming those already falsely-crafted words on another when at least on
PoisonHazel eyes cautiously glance at the heart-shaped vial
After mere moments hesitation, she takes her first sip
Those precious little bottom and upper "tulips"
Instantly, fingers hitting what reads "Dial"
Is this a moment of denial?
Or should one be equip(ped)?
With antidotes, medicare, or a whip?
Unless perhaps this is all simply a trial.
A trial or what, one may ask as curiousity raises the brows of many.
Why if this is poison in the first place; if the drinker was deluded
Was the toxin harmful to the mind or heart, or none at all?
This so called venom is not just one of any kind,
but instead, opposing to favored, being unsuited.
Why I believe my dear, with you as my infection, I am high up the walls.
SecretsVision starts to blur once he is mentioned.
The mind feels weak and delusional, an easy target for attackers.
Watery, strangely figured waves gradually turn crimson...and we wonder why.
The hands are lifted, the hands of the criminal, stained with metallic crimson liquid.
Was he the culprit? Or the wrongly framed?
Does anyone truly know other than the one with lips sewn shut with threads created by the Moirai?
What is it with these secrets hidden when they are all the more exposed to who is all around?!
Was there truly a point in such ridiculous profanities that escaped sewn lips somehow?
They do no good..only the contrary of reopening the same scar that only started to heal a day ago.
How can they erase these memories..these that mind..comparing to an openly written novel in the midst of a candlelit room before its single light was snuffed by wind.
And this very it published?
No..a mere drafted work to which even the author continues to work in secrecy whi

:iconlibrarian-of-hell: ~ Not exactly a hobbyist, but therapeutic writing wasn't an option. Self-doubting white girl with a tendency to obsess over stuff, which I take out on... formerly paper, nowadays my DA page.
As long as you don't attempt to "cheer me up" or get all religious on me, we'll get along well. Tell me what's your poison and I... won't exactly tell who you are, but pour you a round and tell a good story, 'kay?
WitchA pair of soft feet above ground,
running away from this world -
moments ago they were bound,
now they are free like a bird.
Ancient runes are carved on her skin:
knowledge that stirred Jesus' wrath.
She couldn't deny the blood within,
but here ends her forbidden path.
The dance slows, the struggle ceases,
the white feet now point straight down.
'Round the tree the crowd rejoices:
faith restored in God and Crown.
On her face a blissful smile
belies the blank, faded eyes:
a child hidden in the forest
learns about the holy lies...
poems at workGhost Love
Meet me at the walnut tree, angel of the needle -
dance clad in the light of the moon, wild street-flower dear.
Scattered to the wind and the earth, return to the cradle -
I listen to the wide Southern sky: 'tis the mothership I hear?
The Current
Someone stole my wings, but I must learn to fly.
They kick me in the heart and wonder why I cry.
The current will erase every wrong I have been done -
and grant me my rest, when the doubts are gone.
Female Condition
Just a hole for them to stick it in:
no heart, no mind, this is what I am.
This is not what I want to be -
but this is the only thing they see.
Another man posing as a friend -
another night, yearning for the end.
And regrets grow like the noxious weeds
in unkempt gardens of nature's misdeeds...
Just a whore - that is what they see.
Just a hole - is there no more to me?
Tell me why did you have to pretend,
if you'd just use me like your hand.
I liked you until you "liked" me.
Maybe I should set mysel
The Huntress' FuryShe named him Fury. He was no different from any of his siblings: old and war-worn, yet still functional and highly prized by those fond of things with a story behind them. The same tried design, the same lines and mechanisms - except for one thing.
He was aware. And this was because his creators made him with a specific purpose. They deliberately copied the Enemy's iconic weapon and imbued it with their own spirit. That was his story. That made him Fury - a direct descendant of the Greek she-devils and a precursor to Eumenides' demon who rode the stars: a link in the unbroken chain of war-ravaged centuries, of bitter, vengeful generations.
She loved this Kongsberg-Colt, loved him with all her heart - for on the ground of shared hatred germinates the most tenacious blossom of love. He whispered into her ears at night:

:iconbellaromatica: ~ I discovered a passion for writing at the same time I found out about this site and WOW! Everyone here is so talented and it makes me realize I have much to learn..
Stupid Cupid
Dear Cupid, 

A little target practice seems in place.
Or maybe the arrow was suppose to hit.
If I was wrong and that's not the case;
I say learn how to aim you little shit.

Bet you had fun putting me through hell.
Sure, leave my love life to a toddler.
I guess that would end well.
I knew from the start, so why do I bother?

To me you are just another weeping angel.
That arrow wasn't planned for me.
But did you have to rip it out so painful,
Instead of telling it wasn't meant to be?

The reason for this hate filled letter;
It's your insufferable fate, to never find a soulmate. 
Your words not mine, yet to me they don't matter.
Because I'm out of fucks to give I'm afraid..

Just get heat seeking arrows of any kind.
So they won't pinch a heart as cold as mine.  
Oh, and P.S just to remind;
Try hitting us bot
LoveIf hugs were seconds, I'd send you hours.
If touches were raindrops, I'd send you showers.
If smiles were days, I'd send you you my life.
If feelings were marriage, I'd make you my wife.
If snuggles were warmth, I'd send you the sun.
If kisses were kilos, I'd send you a ton.
If emotions were darkness, I'd send you the night.
If trust were sparkles, I'd send you the light.
If happiness were water, I'd send you the sea.
If love was a person, I'd send you me.
21st century childThe most important thing I've learned, 
So far as children are concerned,
Is to never 
let them come near your computer screen ever.
With all that shocking ghastly junk. 
Oh yes, I know it keeps them still, 
They don't climb out the window sill, 
They never fight or kick or punch, 
They leave you free to cook the lunch 
They will spend their entire day 
Texting and clicking and typing away, but hey! 
At least you can wash the dishes in the sink -- 
But did you ever stop to think, 
What this social media and whatnot 
Does it your beloved tot? 

:iconmegatarget: ~ A casual writer who is now serious and professional. I love fantasy, sci fi, superheroes, and wrestling and plan to write in all of those topic areas!My first two first draft manuscripts are finished and still posted FREE here on deviantART. I hope people continue to enjoy them and look forward to the next novels in the series.
The Opening Bell (3StL Book 1 Manuscript, PDF) by megatargetIndomitable (Push Chronicles Book 1 Manuscript) by megatarget The Man and the CatLet me tell you a story about a man and his cat.
The man was ill and so was his cat.  One was ravaged by disease, the other by age.  They still loved each other, though.  The man would say that he could not live without his cat and that to see her die would break his heart.  The cat could not speak her heart but, to anyone with eyes to see and a heart to feel, she felt the same.  Neither wished to outlive the other.
The man grew sicker and so too did the cat.  Each struggled on, unable to bear parting from the other.  It was a scene that filled their family's heart with conviction in love's power and a scene that tore vicious rends in that self-same heart as the race against the Grim Reaper dragged on.
Finally, one evening, shocking even those most-learned and caring doctors who looked after the pair, the man died.  His family wept and tore at their hair in their grief.  The cat could not shed tears as men do.  She could not tear at her

:iconlordofnecrodarkness: ~ I am the king of all dark lords,and I am looking for the five magical items containing the power to turn me into an ultimate dark lord.If you have any information on these items contact me.
Denki,Yami,Hikari,Kasai!Ch.1 Godly Awakening!Our story begins on a post apocalyptic Earth,where two teams of six aliens are on a mission to stop a nuclear reactor from exploding.
Team One Yellow:Alright,Red and I can take this alone.
Blue: Be careful.
Ten minutes later
Red:Finally,we've reached the core!
Yellow: Damn!I CAN'T STOP IT!!!
(Reactor explode's)
God: Denki...Denki...Denki! I dead?
God:Yes,However I am moving to new Earth,so I need you to take over for me Denki.
Denki: Okay,but I have a few requests in return.
God:I can grant you anything you want.
Denki:Alright,First I want to be a girl,then I want my name changed to Megami No Denki,And finally,I want to come back to life!
God:Your wishes have been granted!
Megami:Hey,Red you're back too!
Red:Yeah,it's a crazy story.You see...
Ten minutes earlier
Kasai:Wow,The Devil...I'm dead, great...
Devil:I need you to take over for me.
Kasai:Make me a girl,my name Akuma No Kasai,and bring me back to life and you've got yourself a deal.
Denki,Yami,Hikari,Kasai!Ch.11 The Trials Of God!2Kami: Alright,what's next God?
God: The trial of trust.Go!
With Megami...
Kasai: Kami told me he hates you Megami.
Megami: (Charges Her Hand With Electricity)Who are you?
???: I am an enemy from your future.
Megami: Grr.
???: I'll see you later!
God: Megami,you have passed the second trial.
Megami: Great!Teleport me back please.
God: Alright.
With Kami...
Mizu: Megami Told me she hates you.
Kami: Well I told Megami that you're not the real Mizu.
Mizu: Why do you say that?
Kami: Two reasons,One the real Mizu would have called her "Mistress Megami",and for two Mizu would never lie about Megami.So,who are you?
???: I'm the purest form of D.L.J. and Dark Lord J.!
Kami: Well,Dark Lord J. what do you want from me?
Dark Lord J.: From you?Nothing.What I want is in Megami's hands.
Kami: What do you want from Megami?
Jasper: I want an artifact that she's about to receive.
Kami: Oh.Hey why did your voice just change?
Jasper: I'm the other half of Dark Lord J. and I come from

:iconmoonlight-aria: ~ Im just a 15 year old girl with dreams about the future, just like a everybody else. I Like drawing, writting, making music, anything that helps me speak my mind out loud. Good at a lot of things, master of nothing. My mind is free as long as I feel like it. Im a Dreamer, Sailor of my mind, captain of my own dreams: I live in the 21st century, but my mind still wanders in the victorian streets of the England's 19th century while my dreams pop out of the corners of an utopic steampunk future.
What does life mean?What does Life mean?
I once
Thought that life
"as easy as pie"
That time keeps running,
and I get older,
I know is a lie
seem to think
that being happy
is impossible thing
And while some complain
and people cry
I came to realize
that those are lies.
and lies
and more lies
Swirling around
in an endless waltz.
Nobody knows
what to expect
of a world that breaks
almost everyday.
Some say it's happiness
some say it's money
and list keeps getting longer
and answers? shorter.
Many think they know
what life's about
and keep on telling me
what I should do,
what I should think
because otherwise
your time is nothing
but dust in the wind.
But after all
what does life mean?
Is it just a term?
a stupid word?
that drives us insane,
until when?
well, God knows!
And those who don't believe
what do you want me to think?
that nothing has a purpose
and were just dull useless beings?
I respect your beliefs
but that doesn't work for me
so I say "no thank you"
'cause I'm fine here.
Photo AlbumHe just sat there
eyes closed
he had a tiny smile
as he whispered
"my son"
And I wondered
what thoughts
were currently on his mind
as his now old fingers
traced the lines
that made those eyes.
He first thought of that moment
when he walked across the hallway
thumbs twiddling, shoes tapping
the lonely linoleum floor.
Then the sound of an opening door
and the faint cries of an infant,
who would have thought that such instant
would stay in his mind forever.
Her wife used to laugh
at his slightly confusing memories
he always forgot about his keys
but always remembered
such insignificant details.
Like the time he went to work
to a town so far away,
he doesn't remember any motive
or how much time it took.
But the picture of his son
saying "hello!" in such a loving way
and the little tears of happiness in his eyes
are some things a father never forgets.
Fast forward a couple years
when his son was almost nineteen
and he told his dad that he would keep
working on his father's company.
He never
I missI miss those times that were fun
and the gentle breeze, the shining sun.
Those little things that made me smile.
Such good memories come to my mind
I miss when life was easy
and those times when it wasn't busy
But now I know those times are gone.
And that what I see is the real world.
I miss those days I could believe anything
and it didn't matter to those around me
but now you say a word and there are thousands
that think that  beliefs are matter of right and wrong answers.
But that's how life is and how it has always been
I can keep on living in the same fantasy
but when I close my eyes and go to sleep
I believe I can be and can do anything.
But then the alarm sounds and my dreams fly
fly away, nowhere to be seen
and I have to keep on living this reality
and nobody cares how cruel it is.
That explains why some cry before going to sleep
we live in a society were crying is being weak
so we just close our eyes and show weakness
only when there's no one there to point and speak.
I g

:icondivine--apathia: ~ Mushrooms. Part 1.Elyra's pointed ears brushed past the lowest leaves of the hedge that grew along the city walls. Underneath the hedge, there was a gap that was large enough to let people in to harvest the mushrooms that grew in this dark, dank area. This place made her feel comfortable. She sat still for awhile, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dark. Once she was able to see again, she began picking the mushrooms. In class they had talked about the names of the mushrooms, but she had been more interested in other things.
Back in their homeland, the elders said that they had had magic, rituals and all other manner of things. They’d been a fierce people, almost daring their opponents to attack. Now without their specially forged metal and glass, without their pomp and magic, they kept quiet and mostly to themselves. They were wary. Elyra continued picking mushrooms, stealing a few for herself. Their life was okay here, they had enough to eat, and it wasn't too dangerous. Still, there was an air

:iconarcnovaxiii: ~ I am Masterofstorms17! And i am a writer who has written some books and plans on turning his books into an anime!
A Giver (A Poem)A Giver
“A giver will always be in the know
On how to give up the materials, to let it go
Giving your time, energy, never doing it for a cost
No matter the time or the things that are gained or lost.
A fan of someone gives their time and money for support
Everyone and everything needs to dock on a gracious port
Their ship known as a dream, as it sails the ocean blue.
Powered by the givers of time like me or you.
It is hard and there might be a foul way.
But please, be the light of someone’s day.
To know there are people that will lose an arm and a liver
All to be the person that spent their life being your sacred giver.
Do not be afraid to give and support, give someone the ability to smile knowing that you care.”
How far is one willing to go
Is all that bravado just for show
In order to do what must be done
Are you willing to perform an endless run
I’ve lost what it means to feel and walk
But that won’t stop me from backing up my talk
I’ll persevere through all of the pain
Even if there is nothing to gain.
The word “submit” isn’t in my dictionary.
So don’t come at me with that demeaning vocabulary.
Never giving up and never settling for less.
Now watch as I go and prove that I’m one of God’s best!
Don’t stop what you aspire, keep going.
Crux Cross Chapter One (The Story Begins!)

Welcome to a story about a boy that has am entire city in the palm of his hands suddenly whisked away to a land in which he doesn't have that anymore. Now he and his friends have to grow along side one another and fight an incredible force

Sign was created by :iconrazley:
Some Guidelines to how i write.
Anything Bold is a location or a time change.
All thoughts and letters are italicized "(Like this)" makes it easier to separate.

One Last note! If you ever need a reference to a character and the description is not good enough
Go there! It holds every and all characters! Enjoy the drawings.
Disclaimer=All of them are owned by their respective artists, the characters are all mine.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

From the Author
Crux Cross Chapter 1
The Rich and Powerful
February 11th. The Year 2055
A boy woke up from his bedr

:iconimma-duck: ~
I am a visual and written poetress and aspiring musician. I am going to university for a ba degree in english literature with minors in political science and religious studies. Much of this is reflected in my work.
only i fall or i leaveonly in love with being obsessed
i, a faded falling leaf:
fall then leave.
or is it that i,m obsessed with being in love?
i, a jaded stalking grief:
leave then fall.
she whispered sweet nothingi miss you in moments;
where you are
a kiss on my shoulder
a finger trailed along my thigh.
i miss you in moments;
where i have to wonder
what it means that i don,t think
of you during the rest of my day.
i miss you in moments:
only moments.
XXIIwe forget to talk together.
our voices got used
up when the fog
settled & the anger drained.
a new sort of drone                       ((overtook))
revived us : running
faithfully with nothing
& surveying the mess left
as ceiling cobwebs,
dust along the piano keys.
we, stiffly, walk together.
a little flippant, frayed,
but cordial. trying even to
be friendly.                              at each other
still sigh into our undertones.
"If you watch the clock, I'll collect feathers"
& off she'll go again
not even giving me the option
to leave the car.

:iconjchrispole: ~ My name is Jay. I am an aspiring comedian and writer. My writing style is like this: I know how the story begins, I know how it ends, I know major points so I just start from the beginning and take off. Its kind of a like an organized stream of consciousness where I just write and see what happens. that probably sounds like something a rookie would do but then again, that is one of the reasons I am on DA: to get better at writing.
Taste For AdventureGraham woke up the same time every morning. 8:37 A.M. It was something that she had done over and over and over again since she was taken in by the priests. As she opened her eyes and took in the sight of the bright light pouring in from the window, highlighting her blue and white quilt and the wooden floor of her quarters, she had a strong urge to just keep right on sleeping. But she couldn’t just sleep the day away; for the same reason why she didn’t anyday. she had duties to attend to in the monastery.
Sluggishly, she sat up and wiped the clumped up hair out of her eyes. She pushed away the thick quilt and pulled her feet out from underneath, allowing her to swing around and place them by her bedside. she stood up and stretched a little, attempting to purge the last bit of sleepiness from her body. She stared out the somewhat dirty glass of the large window just by her bed. Outside was Asphodel, arguably one of the prettiest regions in the land.
Fingers of continental la
Science Fairs aren't always FairThe Science Fair is the first time when a child can properly experience a real panic attack. Especially if you’re a slacker. For most B+ average kids, they just want to do it and be done with it. Most C+ average kids want the same thing, but not quite hard enough to get off their little rumps and do it.
Albert was a C+ average student. Not necessarily his fault if you ask him. He was planning on getting around to making his project, he just didn’t account for how soon the Fair would be. Even though he was given a nine months notice. So the day arrived much quicker than he thought it would and that's when he realised that he had spent zero percent of the nine months doing anything but sitting on the couch watching TV. He had to consider his options which was the alternative project that could be done in five seconds; like the cup filled with dirt or the “which brand of paper towel is stronger” project.
Of course, he was saved when he remembered not too long ago,
SH!FT: Introduction
Nothing. That’s what the man felt. Nothing. Not the kind of nothing where there are no emotions. The kind where you aren’t taking in the sights you see in your eyes, the sounds you hear in your ears, taking the data that your body, the piece of mechanical ingenuity that it is, and not looking over it, not studying or observing the things you see. He was just lying there, with nothing else to do.
The reason behind this was simple….there was nothing to feel. For who knows how long the unnamed figure had been lying down on the hard wooden floor staring up at the ceiling. He couldn’t remember anything. He couldn’t remember where he was, how much time had passed, what he was doing, what had happened to cause him to end up here. He couldn’t remember faces, names, events, stories, ideas. He couldn’t remember when he had woken up or why he was asleep to begin with. He couldn’t even remember his own name.
He was not quite sure at what time did he

:iconcyndercrys: ~ I'm a writer in the making who's trying to get the word out before releasing my first book later this year. Also I tend to fiddle around with various things. For example, right now it's recoloring Pokemon sprites and small bits of pixel art.
The Traveller ~Kristelsa Drabble~The traveler moved his hands to accentuate his words. "Of course I wasn't about to let myself die, so I grabbed the nearest icicle and plunged it right through the wolf's heart!" He made a stabbing motion. 
Anna gasped. "Oh my!"
"Oh my indeed." Elsa watched him with interest, an amused smile on her lips. 
Nearby, standing by the fireplace, Kristoff leaned against the wall. He glowered at their guest and tried to keep his anger at bay. Since Hunter arrived earlier that evening in the middle of a snowstorm, the ice harvester seemed to disappear. The royal sisters were enthralled by his stories of hunting and surviving in the harsh wilderness. 
Hunter rubbed his bearded chin, his gray eyes sparkling in the firelight. "So, have you two lovely ladies have any stories to share?"
Anna shook her head. "Nothing like yours!"
The queen hummed in agreement. "Having grown up in the castle, I'm afraid we didn't have much opportunity for adventure."
"I see. You're missing out." Hunter
A New York State of Mind Ch. OneCars rushed by beneath the window of the studio apartment, their honks and squeals muffled by the glass. Smiling ever so slightly, Emma tucked her legs closer to her chest and brought the cup of tea to her lips. She sipped her drink where she sat on the cushioned windowsill and continued to stare down at the city.
Her ear twitched when the sound of footsteps reached her. “Good morning.” She turned to greet her friend.
Jane rubbed her eyes and stretched with a yawn. “Good morning. Have you seen Lynn around?”
Emma shook her head and took another sip of tea. “I haven’t seen her since last night. Did she leave already?”
“I doubt it.”
As if on cue they heard a door slam above them and looked to see a young woman tripping down the staircase. “I’m still on time!” She gasped, hopping around in an effort to put her shoes on. “I’m still on time!”
“On time for
Wrought Iron: Horse TrainingHer breath curled into the air as she exhaled. “Okay Lightning.” She leaned forward to stroke the horse’s neck. “You can do this. I believe in you.”
He shook his head with a whinny.
“Just humor me, okay? I know it’s early in the morning, but I know you can do this! Just do it once and I’ll hand you back over to Cian. I promise.”
The beast grunted in response.
Linnea smiled widely. “All right! Good enough for me!” She turned the horse to walk over to the far end of the training ground. A small length of fence was positioned at the other side.
She gripped the reins and took a deep breath. “Hiya!” Digging her heels into his sides, she snapped the leather straps against him and he shot into a gallop. She narrowed her eyes as they approached the obstacle. Gritting her teeth, she braced herself in case Lightning decided to once again throw her off.
She whipped her head to see Kaerik standing

:iconindigocode: ~ Protagonist - The Stanley Parable x Portal
This is the story of a woman named Michelle.
Michelle worked in a big office building, where she was employee number 427.
Employee Number 427’s job was simple:  She sat at her desk in Room 427 and she pushed buttons on a keyboard. Orders came to her from a monitor on her desk, telling her what buttons to push, how long to push them, and in what order.
This is what Employee Number 427 did every day of every month of every year.
And although others might have considered it “soul-rending”, Michelle relished every moment that the orders came in, as though she had been made exactly for this job.
And Michelle was happy.
… Why are you looking at me like that?
I have to say, that look is very unpleasant, and I would like you to stop it.
No, seriously, would you quit staring at me like that. I don't—
Oh, I see…
I’ve already told this story before. Something about a man named Stanley, am I correct? I did, didn’t I? But before you throw a
Don't be a Hypocrite - Hetalia x Portal
"… Are you there?
"If you are–are you gonna' open the door?
"… Please? It's pretty important… So just…
"… Hello…"
Two minutes.
Two minutes and thirty-two seconds–he counted. Yet, not an answer was uttered to him.
Leaning by a door, under the flickering silver spotlight of a faulty porch lantern, the marvelously massive moon by his back against the stars, Wheatley stood alone.
He never liked to be alone–especially not in a place like this. Too dark. Too secluded. Too quiet. Too... what's the word...
Three minutes went by. Again, not even a peep escaped from the other side. With the exception for the twittering insects lured the lantern, everything stood still–silent.
If he knew anything, the silence would've suggested that this was a brilliantly opportune time to leave, for, apparently, the occupants weren't fond of guests.
But when has Wheatley known anything?
So, he waited. Even after four minutes
Nothing For YouCrreeeeekk!
I know it’s you.
Yes. I do, in fact, know it’s not “just the wind” that’s moving the door. I’ve already locked my windows, and would you care to guess why?

No, no. I really don’t care for your feedback; rather have the opposite, to be right honest with you. I’d prefer not having to deal with those other people… let alone, you.
And don’t pretend you’re gone, either. That’s not going to work again.
Would you just—just for tonight—quit it with the gimmicks? C’mon, please.
I don’t like games.
Wow. You must really think I’m stupid, do you? You think that because of the visits that I’ve lost my common sense? Unlike you, I’m able to learn. I’m able to learn from experiences. I’m able to learn how to let people catch a break—how to just let things lie.
I was already having a bad day, and you
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