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One eye and hand is enough to orchestrate a masterful piece of literature. In here, unknowns become known. 'Tis nobody who shall be somebody once joined with us.
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We have a bit of longer feature list today than we normally do, but each one of these authors are worth checking out!

:icondynamic-shot: ~
I'm a gamer and a writer, and I play trumpet and guitar and all that good stuff.
Dragon Age Into the Deep: Part One - Dinner       Darren laid his sword and shield on the grass inside of his tent.  After removing his plate as well he sat down next to his gear, leaning his head back on the tree he had set his tent up next to.
 The flaps of his tent were open to let moonlight cut through the darkness and smoke in the sky.  He could see the evidence of the cooking fire being lit through the smoke and dull smell of boiling beans.  It was Alistair's turn to cook, again.  It was also Sten and Darren's turn to take watch.  They had really silently volunteered.
 Beyond the stench of smoke were bitterness, fear, and disappointment.  Beyond the tree Darren was leaning against was the camp of the group of people he had spent the last year with.  Beyond that tree a group of people who no longer trusted him discussed the events of the day.
Zevran let out an exce
Dragon Age Into the Deep: Part Two - WeightThe smile that had managed to creep up on Darren’s lips faded nearly the instant he walked into camp.  An overwhelming sense of anger and distraught overtook every other sensation.  On a normal night in camp someone would be talking, cooking, cleaning, or doing something notable.  No one was doing anything of the sort tonight.  
 Zevran sat on a stump near the edge of the campfire, tying his boots in an abstract pattern with a tired expression on his face.
Alistair sat on the ground not too far away from Zevran, reading a dull book entitled “Denerim Cheese Heist.
 To the right of the cooking fire was Leliana, laying down on her mat and petting Schmooples.
 Behind her were Alistair, Zevran, and Wynne’s tents.  Wynne generally liked to sit in front of her tent and do what Alistair referred to as “magey things,” but she insisted tonight on brushing Dun’s fur.
 A good walk away from the fire laid Morrigan
Dragon Age Into the Deep: Part Three - AliveDarren’s legs were aching by the time he had reached the top of the hill where he and Sten were keeping watch.  The steep incline wasn’t easy on the Warden’s legs after the long day he had experienced.  Yet he couldn’t contain the relieved smile that spread across his face when he reached the top and saw Sten sitting a few feet away, staring off at distant mountaintops.
 Darren approached the Qunari and noticed that his sword was lying across his crossed legs.  He wondered for a moment if he should say anything, wondering if what Sten was doing was some type of Qunari prayer.  After a few seconds of contemplation he came to the conclusion that if he interrupted, Sten would likely get over it.  He then took a seat next to the Qunari, sighing as he did so.
 The snowy mountaintops hung in the distance, scratching the sky in a beautiful repeating rhythm as far as Darren’s eyes could see.  They cast off an aura of relaxat

:iconwitch1978: ~ Well, here i am. As you may already guess when seeing into my submissions and favorites my main theme are the medieval witch hunts - if you have questions feel free to drop me a note
Merry XmasThe snowflakes were falling from the sky. Silent, steady, coating the city like under a white blanket. Everything looked so beautiful, so peaceful - the lights from the city, the goods in the display windows. Everyone was preparing for Christmas. The Streets were crowded with people, leaving the mall, carrying the gifts and presents of their loved ones home, laughing, smiling.
No one took noticed the skinny teenage girl standing in the shadow of an alley, looking at the people passing by, leaving the mall. She wore a backpack, a ragged jeans, an old raincoat with a hole in the side, a bit too big for her. Her face was pale, her lips light blue, her hair long black hair felted. From time to time she coughed.
She was ill for some days by now, had fever and a terrible cold. It was turning dark already, the mall will close soon. She moved her hands to her mouth, exhaled her breath and rubbed them together to keep them warm. She was homeless a quarter of a year by now, trying to live on her
PlatypusNear the resting place aside a highway, a single car drove by, disturbing the silence and darkness of the night with its roaring engine and bright light of the headlamps, then it was gone again and silence returned.
The low light of the full moon reflected in the single dark eye of the Platypus. The other was torn from the socket. Light rain fell from the sky, and as a cloud shifted in front of the moon, darkness fell over the resting place. The Platypus did not move, for it was not an animal, but a stuffed toy. Has it been thrown away? Had it been forgotten? Has it fallen from a Pickup?
The next day a family made a stop at the resting place, and while the parents drank warm coffee from a thermos flask and smoked a cigarette, the young daughter walked around, explored the surroundings. Her eyes widened as she looked at the platypus sitting on the ground, its single black eye and empty socked starred back at her. Slowly she stretched her hand forward, as if afraid it would bite her, but
AloneYou are alone
but think that you can handle it
After all these wasted years
you've become accustom to be on your own
you tried to change, but fail
all the time
But still have something to cling to
But then you loose it
your world breaks
and you shatter with it
beyond the ability to repair
or keep going on
and you realize you need someone
to help you
to comfort you
or just to be there
But I am alone
more lonely than ever before
I realize
Noone is there
noone cares
all I have is the pale light from the screen
all I have left
forming words or symbols :) :| :(
they are there for you
to care
to listen to you
to talk to you
(try to) make you smile
to make you forget your problems
just be there
they exist, but they are not real
still I am thankful for them to be there
because they are all I have left
but still they are not real
I know that, all the time
it is just a dream
part of an unreal world I attempt to escape to
one of many dreamworlds I escaped to
all of them are not real
I know

:iconamazingcatherine123: ~
hizerz! I am a faerie/fantasy artist and writer. (particularly this year I've only been writing something of faerytales to be exact
The Cavemen's Hair ColoringOnce upon a time, a few centuries back before the very first wizard created opposable thumbs, there lived a group of the very first humans who were the very first of they’re kind to find caves a cozy home (seriously, how is that cozy?) anyway, despite their odd taste in homes and graffiti art, they were known as cavemen.
Now the cavemen you see had a very serious problem. As they were the very first humans, they noticed that they were only born with either gray or white hair. Why this was for the first humans no one knows, but what the cavemen certainly knew was that it was driving them crazy. cavemen are people after all, and sometimes, there are some people who don’t like looking blah. a lot of people.
One day however, one caveman went out lion hunting, (yes, lion hunting) and when he brought the lion back home after killing it, he looked at the lions mane and thought for a bit about how that mane would be such a pretty color for human hair to have instead of white or gra
Aybelle and Annabelle the Faeryologists: Chapter 1Once upon a time, there lived two sisters named Annabelle and Aybelle. They often kept to themselves and rarely spoke to other children, let alone interacted with them at school, and the other children avoided them as well. There was something strange about Annabelle and Aybelle, or so the oridinary children would say. Something dark. This was very true. They would seem perfectly normal children during the day, but then, once night came, they’d seem to change. Not like an oridinary change like how a teenager stays up all night sort of change, but rather quiet and different. every night, their hair and nails grew faster, hair growing to the longest lengths, and their Granny, (or as the girls called her) would have to cut their hair back to normal before the sun rose the next day or else their hair would stay that way until the very next night, a risk Granny and them could not take, at least, not during the school year.
Both the girls’ hair was a dark black and wavy with eyes
Aybelle and Annabelle the Faeryologists: Chapter 2Aybelle was eleven now. She didn’t feel eleven though. Maybe eleven was just a weird age and no one truly knows why it’s an age at all. Putting on her pink and white striped leggings and black boots with her favorite black button coat, she dashed down the stairs to breakfast. There already at the breakfast table, Annabelle was sitting with a pencil in hand, wearing her ussual black collared burgundy red dress with the black buttons and a red bow in her long black wavy hair which fell a little ways past her shoulders.
Aybelle grinned and ran over to her sister, her bestest friend in the whole world. “Watcha’ writing?” she asked. Annabelle looked embarrassed and saying nothing, she stood up and walked the papers back over to her desk. “Aw come on! Don’t be like that! Show me!” Aybelle complained.
“You won’t like it.” Annabelle said.
Aybelle looked surprised. “Of course i will. I always do!”
“The teachers

:iconirichei: ~ Your Colour, Red.Are her subtle shifts of expression the fervency of which I find so often in the eyes of youth?  Where there may be at the mention of my name, or so I hope, some displacement of her gaze, be it the corners of her lips, or an arch of her brow, as if my name could be as sovereign as the sun in the way it bends the shadows of trees onto the landscape, or pulses its vivacity through the ripples of the lake?
Some words I have barely spoken, but yet, thought of in such affectionate delicacy.  Each word, tinged with fantasy, bringing nearer to my mind her sedation.  Words I’ve spoken too closely to my own sleep to ask to forget the next day, and must suffer awakening from the sound of her laughter, which had been so warmly nestled into my dreams.  An overbearance that allows the dissolution of her thought to linger on throughout my breakfast each morning.  And it’s not soon enough that the evening comes back yearning for her companionship once more, as it

:iconizzylovespandas: ~ Children LaughChildren Laugh
The sound of a child's laugh is always a wonderful sound,
it brings great joy to many people.
The sound of a child's laugh can bring people into a happy state,
even if they are in a bad mood.
The sound of a child's laugh does often bring many emotions,
some good and bad.
The sound of a child's laugh can be heard on the playground,
or at home, or with friends and loved ones.
The sound of a child's laugh is sweet until you are alone,
in your house and you hear it from your closet. That laughter
can terrify you, in the middle of the night, if you have no children.
The RainThe Rain
The rain is often someone's best friend,
It is there just outside their window and is a distant comforter.
The small pitter patter can be like a symphony that lulls someone to sleep,
Sometimes it makes people feel better when they just want the end.
The end of everything they've know, ever and don't want to keep.
Listen and the soft sound of rain might just let you know who you are,
When you don't have the light of day to hide behind and you are forced
To face the demons inside.
You can always go to your friend,
The rain.

:icondebbiecargill: ~
I have recently written my first children's book called "The Treehouse Family". This is available on Amazon to download. All reviews are welcome on Amazon, The Treehouse Family Facebook or Twitter page.
Image by Debbiecargill

:iconsubliminalfox: ~
I have always been different
I have always been complicated
I like it that way
InspirationReach inside yourself
Deep, deep inside
Extract all those emotions
That you lock up
Caged inside
Keep your chin up
And open your heart
Take the heavy burden of life
And lift it up so high
Let the weight fall away
Don't be afraid
Release your inner happiness
Release your inner turmoil
Your inner beauty and your ugly
Let it escape
Let it flow
Let it beam out in magnificent color
From your mouth and from your fingertips
From your eyes and from your heart
These feelings
This inspiration
This life that burns within us
It is what makes us…
Inner StrengthYou feel it again
That burning in your breast
When you want to speak up
You know who you are
And you know the rest
But instead you hold back
Clutching to your sacred words like a cross
Don’t let it get lost inside you
Don’t let yourself go unheard
Like all those defining moments
You let fall through your fingers
You could have said something
But you chose to caress
The thought of another hanging on a moment
Passive aggressively taking control
Of a truth or opinion that is yours alone
Close your eyes and count to ten
This is one of those moments
When your life will never be the same
You can start again
And relieve your pain
If you would just speak up
You have the power to change your path
You can find the courage
To not hold back
It all starts with you
What do you have to lose?
Symphony of OneThe group of ten hush each other
The chirping crickets of the night grow silent
The boy that never spoke
Eyes those around the glow of the crackling fire
He lifts up his pick
And prolongs a simple chord
Coolness in his face, he repeats the set
As he begins to sing about a lost soul, restored
They hang on every note
They cling to every word
They bend at the mercy
Of this symphony of one’s harmonious soul
Revisiting the chorus, he closes his eyes
His strumming picks up and then it dies
As his musical weapon cries softly
To the enevitable, melodical demise

:iconrain-coats: ~ A LetterMy Love,
Alone I am fragile;
together we are strong.
With you I could travel
to where we both belong.
Although it is uncertain how our future may unravel:
I want to be with you.
The BeastLove is an odd creature.
It may soar to the clouds,
Or it may dive 20,000 leagues under.
Letters IIMy Love,
If we should face the world,
then let us do it together.
I can be Bonnie, and you can be Clyde.
If our love should best be kept hidden,
then let us proclaim it from the rooftops.
I can be Romeo, and you can be Juliet.
If our love should go against all religion,
then let us be sinners.
I can be Motier, and you can be De Sare.
If our love should last forever,
then let us be intertwined.
I can be you, and you can be me.
Together we're complete.

:iconelemeno-illuminate: ~
I'm just a girl with a guitar and a lot of dreams.
01. Introduction - FREAKSHOWStep up! Step right up! Behold, these marvelous wonders of which you have never seen...
Metal mouth
Mind of doubt
Hear her shout
She can't get out
Little boy
With broken toys
Among his dreams
Ripped at the seams
Horns and halos
Wings and tails
Claws and feathers
Between sticky entrails
Don't leave yet
Enjoy your stay
Watch our show
Stay with us...

:icontesterga: ~ The ShadowSamuel started to stir as consciousness slowly gripped him. Prying open his heavy eyelids, he inspected his surroundings curiously. He was still wrapped in his brother’s arms, who was at the moment still sleeping as if there was no tomorrow. They were both still in the storage room, on a disused mattress wrapped up in a thin cloth. Samuel looked out of the window, revealing the rain that was still going on outside. It was baffling how Samuel could have woken up. After all, he was in a very deep and comfortable sleep, with the soothing sound of the rain and the comfortable warmth from his brother. Yet he was awake, simply because Samuel couldn’t help but shake off this weird feeling that he was being watched.
Dismissing it as his vivid imagination, Samuel cuddled up closer to his big brother to try revisiting the world of slumber, but he just couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, it eluded him. The thought of someone watching him was still carved in his mind, the feel
The MarketSamuel and Jack finally made it to the top of the green hill overlooking their destination. For the seventeen year old Jack, this was a normal weekly sight for him, but for the younger thirteen year old Samuel, this was his first time here. There, beyond the hill was a small and simple settlement that he couldn’t even call a village. There was a huge marketplace there, and even from this distance he could hear the shouts of the sellers and buyers in the market. Next to it was a large residential area, which the boy assumed were the residences for those working in the market. A simple dirt road ran between the market and the houses, and the rest of the area was as green as far as the eye could see.
Jack led his younger brother down the hill. Samuel, whose hand was still firmly held by Jack, followed his older brother closer to the marketplace. Samuel observed the surroundings for anything interesting, but like everywhere else in the sparsely populated Grass Kingdom, all he could s
The MindSamuel sat up from his brother’s lap and looked up at him, boring his bright blue eyes into Jack’s emerald ones. Jack tore his gaze from his little brother’s and glanced around the living room for an object to demonstrate on. The cosy and all so familiar living room was large, with a long table running along the wall supporting an old disused bag, a typewriter, an empty folder, a can with two blunt pencils and a pen and a stapler with the head shaped like a pig. Separated from this long table by their purple L-shape sofa is a smaller table tucked away in a corner which is where Samuel and Jack’s phone was kept. The phone was a confusing device with a main block for dialling numbers, hooked up to three different wires for the headphones, a microphone and mini-radar. The L-shaped chair they sat on was complete with a coffee table, a Television set and a video games console. To the right of the sofa against the opposite wall was a large ice box, filled with ice and

:iconlonelyxsonata: ~
Just a young woman, with not much to do and an imagination as endless as this summer.
Rose is the Warmest Color- Chapter 1Author’s Note: Hi! This is my first fan fiction based on Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, so reviews and constructive criticism are welcome. If there are enough favorable reviews, I’ll make sure to continue the story. I decided to go on a whole new different direction from other Harvest Moon based fan fictions, so I hope you all enjoy!

I didn’t understand why everyone was so happy. I glanced at the tiny speck in the distance that was gradually growing in size as we approached. That tiny speck is our next destination, an island known as Castanet. I found myself placing my hands on the rails of the small ship that was taking us there and leaning in a little bit. Being born and raised in the city has given me a greater appreciation towards nature, particularly. I inhaled the salty sea breeze, hoping it would calm my nerves. I allowed myself to indulge in my thoughts:
I hope we don’t mess this up; we need this gig to finally afford an actual place to live. An
Rose is the Warmest Color- Chapter 2“Rose, can you help me apply bronzer? I just can’t…”
I took the brush from Marina’s hand, dabbed it into the small pan of brown powder, and blew the excess off before lightly applying it to her cheekbones. Only on performance days like these are we expected to apply obscene amounts of makeup.
“There you go, Marina.” I turned around to face the other girls in our room. “Last call, we are heading out that door in 15 minutes so if you need help with makeup, hair or costumes say so now!”
The mayor was kind enough to book two rooms for us at the local inn, although I don’t think he expected twelve of us to arrive. Mama insisted that it was more than enough, despite our protests that it would be too cramped. We girls got our own room while the boys got their own; I had to admit though, the rooms were incredibly cozy and homey. The innkeepers and their cook were just as welcoming, even though I could tell they were taken back at the
Rose is the Warmest Color- Chapter 3Author’s Note: this one took a little longer to write but it’s done! Bear with me since it’s longer but the fourth chapter will be worth it! Special thanks to the lovely MistressDragoness for her kind words and encouragement! She was the first person to encourage me since I am new and all, she's so sweet<3 I really appreciate it and as thanks, I dedicate this chapter to you!

I brought a hand to my face to shade my eyes. The sun had gotten brighter and brighter I realized. When we got off the boat it was only 6 am and it was still quite dark. I forgot how quickly the time passed.
I usually would have let my mind wander again; probably thinking about the days we spent on Pascal’s ship. How long it felt. The many times Diego threw up…
But I couldn’t think. All I could hear was the thundering applause that gradually grew louder as we started to reach the top of the stairs that lead to the Church Grounds. With the sun in my eyes, I starte

:iconnewbie1104: ~ I'm a fanfiction writer. My favorite fandoms are Fate/ Stay Night, I.S, Harry Potter, Zero no Tsukaima. I especially like crossovers where Shirou Emiya got himself pulled into another world and start his new adventures
Fate - A New BeginningChapter 1: A New Beginning.
Author's note:
This is my first fanfic; I hope that you will enjoy it. And I would be very grateful for your comments and reviews, so that I can improve.
As you can see already, this is a FSN x I.S fanfic. But since it's fiction, the characters of both worlds may have a bit of change in their personality. There are also some changes in the event of FSN, and in the description about I.S academy as well.
And in this story, I used a mixture of all 3 routes in FSN, not just a specific one.
Also, at first, the story may starts out like canon. But there will be many diversions in the future chapters.
That's all for now. Please enjoy.

Shirou Emiya was standing at the entrance of Tokyo High school examination center.
"So cold..." He mumbled as his entire body shivered. "Why do I have to go all the way to Tokyo to take an entrance exam, there are plenty of other high schools that is nearer to Fuyuki."
It w
Fate - Another Life Chapter 2 - Part 1.Chapter 2: The Shopping Trip.
Part 1.
Author's note:
Second chapter's out. I'd like to say 'thank you' to all of my readers and reviewers. Who had taken their time to read and give me their thoughts.
This chapter is noticeably longer than the first. I didn't plan for it to end up this way, though. But after I finished writing, the wc had already reached ~11k.
Also, this chapter is mostly about Harry - Zelretch's interactions, with some new characters whom are going to be introduced in the last bit.
That's all for now, please enjoy.

As a habit from the time he was still living with the Dursleys, Harry's first activity after waking up, brushing his teeth and washing his face was come straight to the kitchen and started making breakfast.
It's a natural thing to see a fully equipped kitchen in this kind of mansion. But what surprised the boy was that in the fridge, there were so many ingredients of many different kinds. After al
Fate - Another Life Chapter 2 - Part 2.Fate - Another Life - Part 2
I have to devided this chapter into two parts since the limit size for text on DA is 64Kb TT_TT

About half an hour later, the two of them came rushing out from an apothecary shop, followed by a large number of panicked customers who were also pushing against each other in order to escape the nightmare that was happening inside the house.
"That...was...the most...disgusting smell that...I've...ever...known..," stopped at a corner far away from the store, Harry bent down and started panting like crazy. His face had turned green from running and holding his breath for too long. "I hope that...I would...never have to use...whatever...was in that jar."
The thing was, when Harry and Zelretch were paying for their purchases at the counter, a careless customer bumped into a self nearby, causing one of the jars to fall down and break all over the floor.

:iconshannon2996: ~ Mournful Words of a Reluctant PoetHow should I feel
when I never even knew them?
—Or barely did, at any rate.
They were never really there
(or sometimes not at all)
and now they never can.
It’s a shame, really,
a life cut short,
gone before their time.
It’s never right. It’s never fair.
I never even got the chance
to get to know him, really.
Yet still he leaves an
emptiness in my heart,
a black chasm that cannot be filled.
O despondent heart,
though time heals all wounds,
just for a little while…
Hold time back.
Sneezing in JapanAchoo!
Dareka uwasa shiteru!
(Someone must be talking about you!)
Achoo, achoo!
Now they're praising you.
...Or badmouthing. I'm not sure.
Achoo, achoo, achoo!
Now you're just catching a cold.
Toronto, Canadadawn--
the strong, sharp
scent of brewing
coffee stirs her
sleeping form--
the sun peeks
over the horizon,
playing hide-and-seek
with the disappearing
the city stirs
groggily awake

:iconmy-oblivion-key: ~ How the waves tasted your anklesSince you are the only sailor
of the sea that my moon-
child eyes so easily bleed,
I crumble to shoreline pieces
every time I press my lips
to half-neglected sea glass,
haunted by visions of the way
you rolled cherries on your tongue.
QWERTY Knows His Soulnow that winter comes to winter again
i have to tell you how
i have come a long way
so that i could tailwind for you
maybe we will go to the shores
of harmony but humdrum
where lies his hearts first skipped beat
so that we can better cherish
the congested urban veins
from the dauntless balcony
of tomorrow being another day
oh i want to bridal style you
like a firefighter
from the flame of the fear of the fame
that razes the land of the ghosts
of their former selves
so that you may never betray
what you think this world could be
but i am not a good idea
only to big wigs and windsor knots
and the systems promises unkept
have i the price of even a second thought
while my demons are shrouded
behind state bars too strong
to not break down
yet you remind my fingertips
that we have just started to grow
old enough to navigate
from the skyscrapers overshadows
and how my mouth goes a mile a minute
but slower than my atria
or my pupils dilation
i am almost at wits end
not sure if what
i mean to s

:iconessieo-novels: ~ The Diary of Ray by Essieo-NovelsDay One by Essieo-NovelsNight One by Essieo-Novels

:iconlittlecharmers: ~ Water HaikuMan turns the faucet
Irate that no water pours
He forgets the rain
White WallsIt was always white walls. Sometimes, cracks lined the fading white walls, revealing greyish areas behind the thin paint. Other times, the paint chipped away, fell interminably onto the uncaring and cold ivory laminate floor. Machines beeped in sync with the flakes of paint, one flake one beep, another flake another beep. The flakes fell at the command of the silver and black poles, and monitors beside me. The lines that covered the monitor rose and fell, created a pattern, a sketch, of their movement bending at the will of never-ending beeps, and the flakes never ceasing to fall.
There was a small click at the door disrupting my temporary madness, and a tall figure approached me holding a purple case adorned with two stickers and a bitten apple. “Here’s what you wanted. Now you can keep getting into arguments on the internet,” the man said to me. I smiled and nodded at this, opening up my dearly missed laptop. “Wi-fi password is ‘BeMyGuest.’”

:iconxxloveiswarxx: ~ lonely hearts. [Levi x Reader]
Ever since we have been living together, it's been like this.
"Have a safe trip."
A typical relationship between two lovers. Phrases like
Have a safe trip.
Thanks.I'll be back at 7.
I'll prepare dinner. Tell me what you want to eat.
Don't forget your lunch box.

are part of routine.
He turned his back and left.
We didn't even kiss.
Sometimes, these boring lines spoke to one another—they make me think that the love we built these years—it's all going downhill. A dead end.
Squeezing the sponge in my hand, taking a spoon and rubbing the foam all over it, I'm thinking if we weren't meant to be. That, all the magic and euphoria and passion have dissipated. What's left is a dull, housewife role for me, and a stressful, business job for him.
We're falling apart.
Turning off the faucet and wiping my hands on my apron, the duffel bag comes into my view.
Should I leave?
... Just throw everything that we've did these years and leave with my dissatisfaction?
his milkshake brought me to the yard.{ErenxReader}
“You have to be kidding me.”
Hanji grinned.
“You literally have to be shitting me.”
Her grin widened.
Damn her.
My day started like any other day, for fuck’s sake, I think the Gods above woke up on the cursed side of the bed and decided to make my day oh-so-adventurous by striking Hanji with the brightest of ideas—
A Butler Café.
No, not a Maid Café, a Butler Café.
Apparently, women need a bit of fun and excitement in their lives.
And what Hanji wants, Hanji gets. Like, she managed to drag me here and I hope to God that it was worth it. If not, I’ll have Hanji’s head as breakfast for her dogs. They can eat anything, it’s fine, really. Moreover, she’s whining that her dogs are ignoring her. Yandere is still a dere, so they show their love in any way they can. As will I, if I had been taken here for nothing spectacular.
Except it looked nothing like what I imagined. When Hanji formed the words Butler
ocean eyes. [Levi x Reader]
“Have you ever thought of what you’ll do once the titans have been eradicated, Captain?”
The night wind carried her fruity voice to his ears, her words crystal clear despite the raging storm that was soon to target them too, and Levi took a sip from his tea. The stars were fallen in the black, up, up in the sky, casting shadows of lights on their forms, enough so the oil lamp wasn’t necessary. They were glinting, teasing, sparkling in the dark sea, where their queen was the Moon, dominating them with her guiding shine, the mermaid in this vast ocean of nothingness but pale water-lilies. The wind blew, caressing his face with hesitant fingers before disappearing in the trees. There was a pregnant silence, only the sound of the crickets broke the tense atmosphere, singing without a care in the world their tune and Levi sometimes wished his life would be that easy.
“I haven’t.” Was his curt reply, before bringing the cup back to his lips, sipping

:iconxenashwood: ~ The desertImportant: contains some rather bloody scenes.
Both of the main characters are gay/ bisexual, whichever you prefer, i'll set which one in a roleplay at some point, if you can't get past that, GTFO.
Also, any comments bashing me for being bi, they will get the commenter blocked and reported.
Welcome to Hell.
The sign stands on the landing area of the one spaceport on Tartarus,  the original text long faded, replaced by a single line, written in black paint:
Welcome to Hell.
The first thing anyone unfortunate enough to land here sees. Often the last, as the Desert claims many such lost souls, The merciless sands of Tartarus leave no trace of thier existence,  forever lost to the sands.
A lone figure wanders the sand, staggering from dehydration. How many hours has it been since he'd seen a drop of water? Had it been days? Or was it years? The desert is endless. Even time is lost here. The man lays on his back, laughing at the futility of it all. He smiles as he feels the wind p
City watch intro.The city of Rimguard. Massive trading city on the edge of the kaleon isles. Over half a  million citizens. Of all races.  And I, Sivio Anvarius, am in charge of the City Watch. In charge of upholding What remains of the law in the city. And another homocide of some political leader of some race. Bloody hell. Why is it every week some important person dies and everyone expects us to find a way to blame someone they are against?  And when we uncover the truth, the bounty on my head goes up another 10,000 pounds. Bloody hell.  BLOODY FUCKING HELL! I reach for the bottle of vodka in my desk drawer. I take a swig to steady my nerves so  I dont punch another hole through the old wooden walls of my office. I clear my throat before reading the passage. 
"Let's see, the goblins are mourning the loss of thier long time lying bast- political representative was killed this  morning by a crossbow bolt in the neck. They say the bolt is the typical kind used by assa
City watch ch1(This is the second story go back and read the intro if you have not already)
I get up after finishing my breakfast. I slither out of the mess hall and head to the front desk. The receptionist, a wraith named viris,  salutes. His spectral form ripples."what can I do for you, commander?" He asks cheerfully.
"Get me captain Drak'thiel and special officer malstien" I reply mildly.
The wraith shouts through the pipework behind him. Soon the dragonion Drak'thiel and the zombie Alchemist Malstien are in front of me saluting. 
"Both of you. We are going to investigate the dead goblin. They used a time slow enchant in the room the body was found so it should only be a few hours old. Come on." I slither out the door. I turn just before leaving. " Have Sylvia buy a beartrap at Nyko's trapshop on Trade street east. Have her set it up below my window!"
I slither down Occulus street away from the watch house. Turning onto Darkwind road due east I see a golem offocer on patrol. He salutes

:iconzxcraous: ~ Personality TooFawn and obsess
Come best dressed
To try and win what you're eyeing
He'll be denying
For the real you is trapped
Thrown in a box and wrapped
Never to see the light of day
You aren't the greatest, anyway
Hypnotizing looks don't win the prize
Nor does your tiny body size
For the truth cannot be hidden long
Or things shall turn out all wrong
So be true to yourself first
Or expect the worst  
The End of MeAll alone, left to die
Hung above the floor by my tie
Pitter, patter feet walk
"Who's there?" I want to call, but I can't talk
Sour sounds of hissing fill the room
"Well," the monster says, "meet your doom."
My vision is fading, the light grows near
All goes black after I shed a tear
StormThe drops hit my skin
Lightning illuminates me
The angels grin
Their thunder won a trophy
Up there where it's dry
Where He showers  
Down here the clouds cry
For many hours
Cooped up in our homes
Making warm soup
The sky still groans
While the wind blows in loops

:iconcherokeegal1975: ~

:iconcaseyjewels: ~ What Are You Doing About It?What have you done today for victim of abuse? Or for a survivor? You changed your profile picture to that of a childhood cartoon? Wow. That certainly changed somebody's life. Did you give it any thought when you made that change of pictures? I've seen through comments that some people did it just for fun.
I'm not here to bash on anybody who has done just this, or to offend anybody. I'm just here to speak my opinion, and isn't that one of our rights, living here in the United States of America? The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. But we aren't all free, here, and we aren't all brave.
How many of you actually know somebody that has been abused? How many of you are a victim or survivor yourself?
There are people around the world and in this very nation that see the signs, but don't do anything to stop it from happening. Where is our bravery? And for those children that are being abused, right now, where is their freedom?
I have never personally helped anyone who has been abuse
10 Ways to Get Along1. Do not ignore the enemy (the enemy might think you're plotting something)
2. Do not try to kill the enemy
3. Do not try to injure the enemy
4. Do not talk to the enemy (even a compliment could be turned into an insult)
5. Do not help the enemy (he or she might think you have a trick up your sleeve)
6. Ignore the enemy
7. Talk things over with the enemy
8. Help the enemy as much as possible
9. Injure the enemy so he or she can't do anything to you
10. Kill the enemy and you won't have to worry about getting along with him or her
Failed Attempts to FlyThere should be wings
Spread in majestic flight
But there is only me—
Shrinking away
Of the open sky

:iconlenalamf: ~ Happy onesGive me a reason why
would a happy person waste time
on writing about a "goodbye"
instead of a "hi"
Tell me, i don't understand
what happens when one's heart doesn't mend
When they fail to stand
how do they find such words to describe the end
i'm not saying happy poems are a lie
but they are not the ones that catch my eye
the ones that do are the ones i've survived,
the ones that prove that i'm still alive
i'm ready to take your bets
swear to me on stars and comets
i dare you to prove me wrong, i'm just being honest
but i believe that happy ones are rarely poets
GodGod, open the gates of heaven
i beg of you to hear of  my plan
if you look in to my soul you’ll know i’m sincere
so take me in, there is something you need to hear
take me in, the mankind needs you to see
Like a man has done for the devil
i offer my soul to you
Like a man does for the devil
i’ll do your dirty work
Put me in command
i’ll be your iron hand
i’ll spread justice and truth
across the wicked man’s earth
I do not ask for an army
for it is walking amongst wolves
i alone represent an army
i don’t need no blinded fools
I will not call myself your son
I won’t introduce myself as a knight
I’ll say that i am an idea, a reason,
a simple thought, i am a never ending fight
I’ll let the good flow peacefully,
I will set it free
I will be a leader but
no man will bow before me
i’ll destroy everything that is evil,
make everyone pay for their sins
when i’m done
the devil himself for forgiveness will plea
Oh, But i
Life ProtestPart 1
When a good man sells his soul
for the lies he thought he’d known
for the sake of bravery
he threw himself in the fire
While being fully aware
that the consequences will be dire
I curse the courage
that lies in every man
‘cause it borders with stupidity
don’t you understand
No running away,
no retreat to the murine hole
Ideals are foul
when a noble man sells his soul
Part 2
Even when it's a cold, dark , silent night,
I can see what’s wrong and what’s right.
My mistakes, they are only mine,
I fight for myself, i refuse to step in line.
Patterns - no i won’t fit in
i still remember where i have been.
I refuse to believe in what i can’t see
I don’t pray to God, would he even hear me?
People around us are slowly dying,
in the air bullets are still flying.
The world became corrupted and evil,
Everything that is bad, now it’s legal.
As another year, to this world fell,
World that we created is worse than hell.
All we have are wars,

:iconthornpublication: ~ A new and upcoming literary publication focusing on fantasy / romance and erotica novels and short stories. Thorn Publications is owned by Sarahbeth Lazic and features two publications and a plethora of future releases.
Bloody Thorn Chapter 1 by ThornPublicationWarlock: A Thorn Trilogy Novel Chapters 1-2 by ThornPublicationScreams in the Night Chapter 1 by ThornPublication

:iconambiguis: ~ Accented
the bottle of water
between my legs
is chilling to the immediate touch,
yet it is resonating heat through my thighs -
straight through the bone
some kind of quantum
faith; denial -
opposite this.
One HourOh, this is awareness, now.
The worries of my second self are diminishing, now.
What are the things saying on the television?
Roll over a bit . . .     how?
No more light pollution
Only clouded thinking and warm numbness . . .
Vision of a few materials fades in and out
and I notice everything immediate to my boundaries
I am not at all a burden on myself
but I will be
One hour was little more than a blink.

:iconchocolateekisses: ~ Streets of Paper (bxb) ~ Prologue~
- Prologue -
When he woke up this morning, pushing the sheets off of him and running downstairs to eat his cereal, all he was thinking about was going out to ride bikes with Oliver. His mother raised an eyebrow at him, who didn’t even say good morning as he practically threw the bowl inside the sink and dashed to his room again to get dressed. His sister yelling at him from the stairs, since he had bumped into her sleepy self. "Sorry boogerzilla!" He yelled from his room and slammed the door close with a Bang. "Preparing for lift off!!--" The 12 year old boy took impulse and dashed to his bed, running to it and flipping to do a cartwheel. "AND! BOOM THE SPACESHIP HAS SHOT INTO SPACE! THE CROWD CHEERING AND WAVING! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!" he imitated the sound of a roaring crowd as he ran to his closet and grabbed his thick, outer rim glasses. Chester pushed the doors open and grabbed whatever he could find in the disorganized pile of clothes he had on the bottom o
Streets of Paper (bxb) ~Chapter 1~
 - Chapter 1: Enemies -


The class was over, and all the teenagers rushed out the room as if they had been suffocating for the past hour. The teacher closed his history book, sighing and also walking out of the classroom to go on his break. A 17 year old male stood, always usually leaving last with his 3 friends, talking with them and joking around, they chuckled. This morning was rather pleasant for him; he had bought a new manga. And yes, fuck you, because anime was the shit.
"Dude, come ON! What's so great about One Piece?" Drake sighed boredly, leaning an elbow on his chair as he looked back at Oliver, who sat at the back of the class, legs propped up on his desk and manga in hand. He seemed to have a blank expression on his face, his round sunglasses preventing anyone from seeing his eyes. He loved his sunglasses. It gave him the cool/mysterious guy kinda look. The male ran a
Streets of Paper (bxb) ~Chapter 2~
- Chapter 2: Bingo -
 "...what... have... you... DONE!?!"
 Chester turned his head to look at Oliver, who stood proudly yet boredly besides his Asian friend, looking down at the defenseless male. "You have no idea what you have done, do you!? You...y-you'll be cursed for life!! You and your friends! CURSED, I tell you!! They are angry now because you threw it away! They gave it SPECIFICALLY to me and they will get their revenge!" Now Chester started to struggle again, growling at the nonsense. "Let me go you limperwanker! You had your fun already! Release me at this instant or I will have them CUT your heads open and suck the juice from your brains!" He warned as he looked at Oliver with angry eyes, a snarl on him as he stared at that idiotic smirk on the fake blonde's face. Ugh... it irritated him so much! Oliver suddenly gasped, as if in shock, "No! You don't say?!" he placed

:iconshadowfire-x: ~ Post-Modern Prometheus Part 1
'Respawn'.  That was what they called it.
'It' seemed like nothing more than a supply room, with a cold tile floor, and a fairly boring tile ceiling.  The tiles seemed to shift, move, and waver, but it was the bright lights that Fleischer finally closed his eyes against.  He forced them open again when he heard someone enter the room – heard footsteps approaching him.  It hardly mattered, though; the figures – three of them – were entirely too blurry to make out their faces.  He could only assume that the one that kneeled next to him was a Medic, given the blurry white blob that seemed to occupy the space from his neck down, in the vague shape of a lab coat.
The other Medic said something, but the words were lost in the low, pulsing thrum that seemed to be coming from inside of Fleischer's own skull.  The sound of the three figures talking amongst each other was entirely too much – as were the lights, and that incessant buzzing, and
Self-made Man pt 1
Hospital rooms weren't exactly the best environment to put one's mind at ease.  The lights were always a little too bright - the trappings a little too white - and they tended to smell of antiseptic.  They were always too cold, and footsteps could be heard echoing up and down the halls at all hours of the day and night.
Benjamin Wallace was trying to recall how he had gotten there and, subsequently, trying to figure out why it was so hard to think.  He was also trying to figure out why he felt so dizzy, and even downright sick.  His right arm felt weird - but, then again, his entire body felt weird.
The man stole another quick glance around the room, and finally noticed a vase of flowers on the stand next to the bed.  There was a card hanging from it, but he couldn't quite get his body to cooperate enough to reach out and take it.  It was safe to assume, however, that it was from his wife - their neighbors back in Grape

:iconswayingserenity: ~ Fending for myself (part 1)
"Hello. My Name is General Jake F. Flow. And I've achieved nothing in my life."
Jake the wolf sat in front of his screen and was recording his first V-log-memoirs.
"But I don't quite care because I used to care and it only made things worse. This is being totally unable to care. At all. Caring is also bad for you. Look after yourself, manage to get out before they'll get you. Otherwhise you'll end up like me, and I'll tell you, JUST like me. Oh well, yeah. And... Uhm. Trust is bad too. And so is confidence. Never be confident in yourself, you'll only fuck it up. And never be confident in anyone, because they'll let you down anyways. In the end you'll be betrayed by everyone and there's no running. They took everything you ever had. And you achieved nothing, little soldier. Nothing, I'll tell ya." Jake stopped for a few seconds and let his thoughts sway. And at this state he wanted to feel anger and hatred, but there wasn't even guilt or emptiness inside of him. It was pretty hopeless,
Broken dreams in this consume dictatorshipI used to sing
as brightly as a bird
with a voice so stunning
they were laughing and cheering when they listened to me
I had high self esteem back when I was young
Then I grew up
And I lost my clear voice
I always had fun singing, but then they told me I couldn't sing
I wasn't in the right tune
I couldn't handle anything
If I tried to sing
I sounded like I swallowed acid
So I trained
Because practice makes perfect
And I couldn't do anything else than train to sing
And I always listened to myself and felt so bad because I sounded so weird
So when I tried and tried I achieved nothing at all
And then I thought about it clearly.
All I did, was trying to be the best. In a world full of rushing people who try to achieve being the best
Who sits on a bench and just stares at the bird?
Who enjoys the music, and who just sleeps the whole day?
You always feel like you miss on something when you just relax.
If you're not continuously struggeling you seem to be useless.
But this is not the case. We
Life of a catLet me be a little cat
Then everyone will pet my head
I will be tiny, will be small
I'll be your fluffy, furry ball
Let me be a little cat
Then everyone will pet my head
I will purr all day and all night
And I would never have to fight
Let me be a little cat
And everyone will pet my head
I will be cute and will be sweet
And everyone would love me deep
Let me be your furry ball
I don't want to feel pain at all
I want my milk I want my food
I wanna stay in a good mood
When I would be a little pet
My life would end soon, but not yet
I'll be so innocent and smart
You'll love me then with all your heart
You'll love me then you'll love me now
But your love would never end at all
If I would be a tiny scar
Who crosses the path of this car
I wanna be the cat
Who will be bleeding wet
Out of her head
Which you've always pet
My life would end so soon
And you love would be a boon
To my heart
It would be short
But it'll be true

:iconemaciatedandepitaphs: ~ JuliaMetMichaelSamaraSawTheStarsGenevieveFoundFeari.
                               Tonight is different.
Genevieve pauses, watching layers of fog ascend forward from the darkness.  The ominous mist slinks onward as it settles against her taunt muscles.  Vapor coils along her skin like venom; tangible and prickling.
She allows herself timid inhales of February.  Every breath sparks arctic shockwaves through her nervous system.  Glacial streaks echo between her tissues; ever-so-silent, sickening her.  Genevieve then slows, listening to iced-oxygen as it hardens between blood cells.
                     The cold feels like boulders in my lungs.
She begins to feel so unexpectedly heavy in her skin.  Slu
Diseased.I can't think.  Something is wrong with my insides.  I can feel the twist of intestines strangling my stomach.
It hurts like cancer, like leprosy.  Gang-grene in my gullet, chemical burns in my bones.
and it's in me
it is me
memories like lava
acidic liquids cauterizing life
through unwilling

:iconfortheloveoftwinkies: ~ PrussiaXReader: MomentsI. He’s six the first time he sees you; gap-toothed smile big as you greet him, dirt on your cheeks and scabs on your knees. He’s six and you’re “Almost six, just like Gilly!" and he thinks you’re beautiful, likes the way you say “Gilly"! when you see him and the hugs you give him. From that moment on you’re inseparable, and most days are spent constructing a tree house in the big oak tree in his backyard. His world consists of you, of cherry popsicles in the summer and sticky hands holding his. He’s only six but he knows he’s in love with you, the little girl next door with pigtails and a gap-toothed smile.
II. He’s seven when he first kisses you under the oak tree, heart pumping and palms sweaty. His hand holds yours, where two matching temporary tattoos meet. He likes how soft your lips are, how you have to tiptoe to reach him. You part and tilt your head, eyes confused as you ask “Won't we get
AmericaXReader: Scent Of SummerThe scent of summer is in the air again, fresh with the promises of warmer days, traces of past seasons washed away by golden sunlight. It's so familiar; the way the light breeze caresses you, brings with it the sweet smell of daisies and long-forgotten memories. 
It’s strange, being back here after all these years, and while everything's changed it still feels the same; the summer breeze that dances through the air now is the same as it was back then. 
The nostalgia hits you full-force; memories a mirage in your mind as the past engulfs you, and even though it hurts, you can't help but smile.  
You breathe in, breathe in the memories, the whispered tale of the past that now flutters in the wind, and remember.
The summer wind brushes your hair against your cheek, a whisper of a touch and it's reassuring as you turn onto the familiar street. Although it's been years you still remember it like the back of
GermanyXReader: Heart Beat"You love her, don't you?" 
Icy azure eyes rest on large amber eyes, widening slightly at the proclamation. He's been caught off-guard, something rare to the stoic icy-eyed male, and the shorter Italian besides him speaks in a voice so serious, so different from the usual light and airy cheer, it renders him speechless. The sentence, five simple words, one complex sentence, has him swallowing harshly as icy eyes flicker away from the brunette. 
"Of course I do. She's my best friend." 
"No, Ludwig." His voice is grave once again, the usual "ve!" not following after. It's strange to Ludwig, to hear his eternally optimistic friend so serious, a feat he thought impossible for the ditzy brunette. 
"You're in love with her, Ludwig." 
He's caught off-guard once again, eyes focusing back on the male beside him. Blue meets amber and for a moment, everything is silent, even though they're amongst a huge crowd. Ludwig swallows harshly and finds himself running his

:iconmrgreen36: ~ The Flesheater strain, chapter 1Holmfirth, Yorkshire, Present day
It was a quiet evening in the tranquil northern England countryside. Owls were hooting and foxes were coming out to look for food. Suddenly the silence was interrupted by a speeding ambulance rushing through the countryside. Inside the Ambulance two Paramedics were sitting in the front, somewhat grumpy about being summoned to this small village in the middle of nowhere.
“So what are we being called for, exactly” asked Finley.
“Nothing much” replied Aaron, the driver of the ambulance.
“Apparently some old geezer named Jones was on his way home from the pub when some yobbo attacked him and bit his arm really badly. His wife was so concerned that she took him to the local hospital. They were worried that it was really badly infected so they’ve called us all the way over from Leeds to take a look at it”
Finley snorted “Wow. He must be really under his wives thumb if he went down there that ea
Legend of Gallade chapter 1Long ago there existed a kingdom in which Pokemon lived together happily and in harmony. This land was ruled over by the good king Alakazam. He was a very respected king who ruled the kingdom well. However this all changed one day when he was betrayed by his advisor, Minister Hydreigon who stole the red chain, an ancient and powerful artifact and used it to overpower the king, kidnap his daughter, princess Gardevoir and take over the kingdom with his minions. The poor king never recovered from the loss of his daughter and died shortly after. However just before he died he demanded a message be sent to Medicham dojo to request one of their best warriors to defeat Hydreigon. Whoever could do this would win the kingdom and Gardevoir's hand in marriage. And this is where our story begins…
"HYAH!" screamed Gallade as he launched a powerful attack directly towards Medicham who appeared to be meditating with his back turned and unprepared. However just milliseconds before Galla
Max's fanfic theatre: My Inner Life: Part 1(Setting: The office of the spaceship. Max and the cartoon characters are gathered around a table playing Monopoly. Max looks up and sees the viewers)
Max: Oh hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Max's fanfic theatre in which we take the worst fanfics known to humanity and obliterate them.
Chowder: Hey Max it's your turn
Max: We're a bit bored waiting for our next fanfic, so we dug out some board games to kill time.
Chowder: Come on Max! It's your turn.
Max: Sorry
(Max rolls the dice and moves his piece onto the space)
Bugs: Whitehall!. Right you own me 450£
Max: I'm not surprised, you own everything on the board!
Bugs: Not true, you have a few properties like Coventry street there.
(Max hands Bugs the money. Pinkie then rolls the dice and moves her piece)
Max: Coventry street!. Right lets see.
(Max picks up the deed and reads it)
Max: Right you own me 1150£
Pinkie What! I'm not paying that!
Max:  (annoyed) What are you talking about?
Pinkie: 1150£ to s

:iconxijhmclarenq: ~ Life's MeaningLife has no meaning despite our teeming numbers
We wish it did and foolish we are as no one remembers
As the water begins to dry our minds to try and hope
That life holds more than strife in this desert mope
We like to think we're a special link, only broken
The beast each of us hides is not the least blood soaken
The blood isn't just ours and the mud doesn't cover
We are not on top but we don't stop, disputes only hover
BloodI don't want your love,
I want to bleed.

Don't wipe it away,
Let it smear and stain.
Don't heal me,
All of you have done enough.
My knife means more to me
Than your bandages.
Let me cut myself,
Free of your medicine.
Because I hate your drugs,
I'd rather drown in my own blood.
Getting what I ask for,
Not hollow promises.
I have the blood,
No room for scars.
So don't give me love,
Let me bleed and drown.
Because I can trust pain.
the Beast Behind the BlindsHeld down, no town, none to call home
Left stray, out of the way, as I roam
I always look, but took nothing, since that's what's here
A creature, stay away pretcher, I'm your worst fear
I hate, but leave you to fate, just pray
To your master, and caster, to say
And hope, it's his rope, and not me who kills you
Left to my claws, don't give me cause, the pain only grew
Dipped in blood, dryer in mud, you caused this
Aching pain, who says I'm sane? for a kill I won't miss
Your trail is fading, you're getting pail, find your feet
My rage climbing, your page no help, hope we don't meet
I've found the scent, and sound, I can't wait
I've had enough, I want my vengeance tough, full of hate
The look on your face, your uneven pace, I'm watching
I descend, last chance to mend, before the splotching
Words tied, well you tried, nowhere to hide
I'm more than beast, and I'll give you gore, to get what's inside
All that's left, no theft, I'll leave that to the worms
For all I've done, for this fun, the
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Fan Fiction folder. :nod: Does it have have Chapter 1/2/3 in the title so people can find it easier/know it has several parts? (that part isn't required for the group - just wondering :meow:)
Sarahbeth-Lazic Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Professional Writer
Yes it does! :)  It's 5 chapters and each submission has Chap whatever in the title. :)   It's a long running Bleach Fanfic that I am rewriting.   I wanted to double check before I do something silly, like just throw the submissions anywhere with my eyes closed!  :lmao:
rockettreverie Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
Sounds awesome! :la:
Fanmar Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Heya ya'll. Thanks to whoever requested for my stuff to be added to the gallery~
I only write poems for fun and I hardly do so any more, but it's still fun to get some feedback for your work no matter how old it is. ^^

I'll be sure to check out your stuff as well, thanks again~!
Navoid0 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, is this group still active? I seem to running into alot of inactive literature groups.
rockettreverie Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Filmographer
We are still active! :dance:
Navoid0 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well in that case, do ypu accept fan fiction?
rockettreverie Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yes, we do :D
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Jchrispole Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
Less than 300 watchers? Yes! This group is for me. Where do I sign!?
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